• kindofnormal

    Glad the results were good!

    I don’t remember about 15 minutes of my life either, because I had concussion after falling off a horse. It would have been more fun if I’d been doped up on happy medecine :)

  • marrate

    I want to say something very important about chest pain. My husband was experiencing this back in 1996, and no cause could be found. They tried everything. EKG’s came back showing no problem. Oxygen was always 100%, GI testing, you name it, no problem. THEN they tried a stress test. Girl, it saved his life. He had triple (yes, TRIPLE) bypass, including two (no shit, TWO) coronary arteries bypassed. This was in January, 1997, 18 days after his 35th birthday. It’s genetic. Shit happens, and he’s 49 now, which he wouldn’t have gotten to if it hadn’t been for the stress test. Some people with clogged arteries can have stents or drano or whatever, but of course, my husband would need the surgery. In any event, from one non-widow to another – have him get a stress test. If it’s not that, then great, tell him to stop being such a pussy and move on with your lives.

    By the way, my name is Mercy Arrate. I am 45 and have 2 grown children (one bio, one bonus) and 2 grandchildren (one baby princess, and one baby terminator – guess which one lives with us?) we are Cuban-American. Bet you didn’t know you had a Cuban fan now did ya?

    Much love, much luck & mucho dinero :)