• Tricia

    Actually, karnicwar, the difference is that no one gives a shit about what YOU eat or what YOUR exercise regimen is…. The 99 comments preceding yours seem to indicate that people do, in fact, give a shit about what Heather does.

    P.S., I bet you’d be less angry on a Paleo diet. Smooches! ;)

  • Daily Cup of Jo

    Who cares if you’ve gone on some crazy ass diet? If you can entertain us with posts like this AND commit to not making anyone else get sucked into your madness, I say good for you. And more energy? Now I’m just jealous. But give up chips? Can’t imagine.

  • Bree

    That sounds awesome and like a really good idea, but there are two things in this world I really, really don’t think I could ever give up and those are: cheese and pasta. Particularly cheesy pasta. BUT you’re allowed to indulge now and then, yes?

    Someone brought doughnuts into work today and I ate three.

    That’s the kind of willpower I have.

    But seriously, way to go!! :) That sounds difficult.

  • nomi

    Rock on, lady. I’ve been doing Paleo (admittedly on and off) for the past 5 years.

    My results have always been just the same. Every time I get back on, I think “I’m never going back again!!”.

    It’s also greatly helped me with depression, which is even more important to me than the weight loss benefits.

    Well done, you!

  • MarchelineB.

    I’ve been eating Paleo for two months now. I’ve dropped 25 pounds and two jeans sizes, and I’ve never been so satisfied with what I eat.

    Everything is delicious, there are fantastic recipes (check out Sarah Fragoso’s website “Everyday Paleo” – she’s got a cookbook by the same name).

    Without consciously trying to eat less, I find that I am not eating seconds and thirds because the right kind of food hits those satiety sensors early.

    I’m really glad you found out about it, and that your family is getting in on this great, healthy way of eating.

    Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson also have great paleo websites (“The Paleo Solution” and “Mark’s Daily Apple”), if you’re interested in finding out more about the how and why of it all. Mark is also a Cross-Fit guy, so there’s info on that as well.

    YAY PALEO!!!

  • sbisho

    I applaud you for only eating grass-fed children, but the deeper question is how far were they transported? I consider myself a localvore/childavore and only eat children that can be found within 100 miles of my own home.

  • tshaw2402

    I agree totally. Paleo has been nothing short of amazing for me. It’s funny how many people rail against such a sensible idea. Food is fuel. And it can taste good and make you feel good. What we put into our bodies is vital. Without health, we have nothing. Paleo just makes sense. People today are addicted to sugar and processed foods and it’s led to our obesity epidemic. Glad to see you promoting a healthy lifestyle – hopefully the word will get out even more!!