• Schnauzie_Mom

    He done raised you right! I imagine this dramatic standing ovation starts with the slow clap…to show how truly proud he is.

  • PlanetA

    Such awesomeness! Thanks for making me laugh to tears.

  • Shea

    The primary reason I regret only having one child is that he’ll never truly know how much evil you can get away with based on the look, Mom and Dad are laughing defense.

  • HowToBeADad

    If my brother and I hadn’t pulled kitchen knives on each other or thrown dining room chairs, I think I would’ve been maladjusted. MUCH MORE THAN RIGHT NOW.

    Sibling warfare is part and parcel to every family.

    On his birthday, I posted a Facebook photo of my brother (when he was five) mooning the camera with the coyest expression known to man. That photographic evidence is my gift to him.

    Family gives gifts that keep on giving. Much like pink eye.


  • Daddy Scratches

    That’s impressive. If I were you, I’d consider it a major blogging victory. Nicely done.

    Of course, I’ll change my tune if ever my sister should start a blog and share my late-’80s mullet with the world. Just sayin’.

  • ThePeanut

    Oh man, that is awesome. Well done. Your work here is done!

  • Moomser

    You know this is how siblings end up stabbing each other right? Unfortunately for Ranger he can’t retaliate with any embarrassing pictures of you as you seem to post them all on here yourself. And with that you’ve managed to take the fun away from him AGAIN. Brava!!

  • KatieKat484

    That’s just straight up awesome. I never had the chance to torture my sibs like this, but my hubby… that’s another story involving a pic of him I stole from his momma.

  • Mom Gone Mad

    OMG so awesome. Living vicariously through you as I am an only frigin child!

  • lollynx

    Oh my goodness, reading this site is painful now. Another reader gone. My best wishes for your daughters.

  • AliciaMaria

    Haaaa job well done. :D Nice to see you laughing and having a good time now and then, even if it’s at your brother’s expense. ;) And wtf is the deal with the person above me? Another reader gone… okay then, BYE.

  • strawberrygoldie

    If that shirt had snaps at the crotch and was therefore a bodysuit, I had this item of apparel and freakin’ LOVED IT. Also adored my black catsuit that I wore with a gold chain belt and a cropped denim jacket. And damn, I thought I was HOT.

  • Carol Ann

    “…. but pulling this off shows my father that I was paying attention and learned how to be an asshole from the best….”

    Have I missed something, because the way this reads is just horrible. Learnt how to be an asshole from your dad?? Nah, man.

  • iliekcheeze

    daddy issues are so 1995

  • Nuffie


  • fancybob

    And now I know what I’m going to do for my sister’s birthday next month!

  • debramac

    Hey Heather.
    Don’t you hate it when people don’t get you or are you over it by now?
    When people don’t get you I lose faith in humanity, because it’s pretty frigging apparent to me you are not disrespecting he what spawned you, you are paying homage to him in a very Dooce/Hamilton way that you clearly believe he will appreciate. Noticing you have done the same thing to she who brought forth Dooce and loving you for it! Hugz.
    Must we explain everything?
    Rock on sister friend.

  • apostate

    Ha ha ha! When I got married 11 years ago “for time only”, my mom decided to save money by having the photographer she had hired take a family photo right before the ceremony. So we all showed up 20 minutes early in different outfits. The photographer told us all how to pose and I thought it was a little strange, but went along because he was a professional. It turns out that he thought my brother was my husband to be. So those photos turned out to be pretty much unusable. I kind of cringe when I see them, which isn’t often.

  • debramac

    No one even worried about the bunny?
    Strawberry you reminded me of one of my fav hot outfits from back in the day..
    Okay halter (no bra) leotard (ie no crotch snaps for potty). Then those pants that tie around waist like an apron then the whole mess goes between your legs and then ties around the front. Topped by an adorable short sleeved jacket.
    So you know I’m cute as a bug at that PICNIC until I have to completely disrobe to pee in the portapotty.
    And I’m all like, I did not think this outfit thru!
    AND I thought the urinal was a shelf for my purse (or entire wardrobe)