• PrettyGirlMyers

    I don’t care what anyone says, those Costco cakes are friggen delicious (especially the one with the chocolate mousse filling).

    Happy Birthday, Marlo!

  • Schnauzie_Mom

    If it makes you feel any better, I totally thought he meant leaving the quarters in the rolls too. I mean, the party doesn’t start ’til someone has a head injury, right?

    Also? I want a Costco in my town, dammit! And Happy Birthday Marlo:)

  • jersf

    I was REALLY hoping when I scrolled down that the pinata would have been one of Dora the Explorer. The few times I’ve ever heard that insistent voice I have wanted to pick up the television and hurl it out the nearest window. And Tyrant being Tyrant, I’m actually surprised that he didn’t trade out the candy for a bunch of rubber spiders and ssthnakes! Those would have been some really awesome photos, and Marlo would have loved the pinata just as much.

  • Kathryn

    I made a birthday cake for a friend’s 40th a few years ago. In the tradition of our family I stuffed the cake full of money – being Canada I used mostly loonies & twonies so that cake had at least $50 in coin loaded into it. You should have seen the mayhem that ensued after the first person discovered there was MONEY IN THE CAKE. The median income at the party was likely $100K. There is just something about free coins that gets people excited I guess :)

  • Cateyez

    Ah, finally someone willing to keep it real. I’m thrilled about your store bought cake and food. I can’t take anymore perfectly assembled birthday parties!


  • mmankvitz

    Thank you, Heather for reminding me that the best birthday parties are just fabulous with bubbles, quarters and pinatas. And, of course, Costco. Happy Birthday Marlo! So glad it was so perfect…

  • tokenblogger

    Are those bald patches around the edge of the yard from where your dogs always run?

    Because I have those same bald patches from my dogs.

    I’m thinking of just covering the back yard with loads and loads of pebbles.

  • Pandora Has A Box

    This mommy doesn’t make shit for kids’ birthdays. Cake from Servatii’s. Food from wherever. Pinata filled with everything *but* quarters…thanks for the idea, Tyrant!

    Looks like it was a fun party, and happy birthday to Marlo! It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years.

  • theurbancowgirl

    I, too, thought the quarter would stay in the roll. Really, why not?! :)

    Happy birthday Marlo.

    Thank you for showing me it’s okay to totally buy all my (future) kids shit from Costco :)

  • Talon

    I know EXACTLY where to put all those quarters too! In Marlo’s dimples!! Those adorable little dents were made to fill with shiny 25 cent pieces!!

  • ThePeanut

    You had me at frozen mozzarella sticks. Friggin’ delicious.

    Happy Birthday Marlo!

  • Issa

    I love Costco. That artichoke dip? Yum. People who write you hate mail about it probably live someplace not near a Costco.

    The joy of three, is how the simple things still make them happy. It’s my favorite part of three. My ten year old is not so easy to impress. She’s all jaded and crap and needs monkeys juggling clowns in a clown car that’s on fire for it to still be entertaining. My three year old is happy enough with a clown sticker on his hand.

  • ladygray

    in that first photo (w/the bubbles) i thought I was looking at a photo of Leta. I had to readjust when I realized that this post was about Marlo. Sisters!!!!

    My dad and husband got lost on the way home from Costco (with all the food in the car) in the middle of my 1 year old’s party this year so… we second the Costco party and aren’t nearly as good at making it TO the party with all the food as you guys are.

    Party looked awesome! Loving the dragon pinata. happy birthday, Marlo!

  • somethingcool

    That photo of Marlo about to hit the pinata is so cute that it very literally brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to reach into the screen and smother her with kisses, so I bet she’s really glad I can’t do that.
    At my daughter’s 4th birthday party she had a pinata, and the photo I got of her is adorable in an entirely different way. She’s got this hilariously fierce, scary look on her face. You can tell she was not only prepared to beat the crap out of her paper mache pony, but was going to relish it.

  • Sabine

    Heeey, that pinata doesn’t look anything like Coco! (When I was reading the part about filling the pinata I thought to myself ‘don’t forget the nickels!’ darn inflation.)

    All this talk about the Costco artichoke dip almost has me convinced to spring for a membership.

  • marbenais

    Oh, man, I miss those Costco sheet cakes.

  • karakarakara

    Oh, the artichoke dip. That, alone, makes the party.

    I don’t even let myself go to Costco anymore, because if I do, then I MUST buy the artichoke dip, and if I do that, I will consume the entire tub by myself in less than 24 hours. BECAUSE IT IS SO GOOD! But, since I don’t want my arteries to pump cheese and mayo, I must resist. Sigh.

  • apostate

    I want to nose dive through the internet and straight into that chocolate cake. I’ve been off sugar and Diet Coke for nearly 3 weeks and I’ve gained a pound. I angry.

  • apostate

    Is that pinata from Bust A Move: most awesome game ever? (Not Young MC though he was awesome too.)

  • CrisLawson

    I love that Marlo had the bat upside down. “I do what I want!”

  • makfan

    I’m a whole lot more than three, and I still prefer simple things like Costco cake for my birthday.

    Tyrant is part Mexican? No wonder I find him so damn hot.

  • Carol

    I really hope Jon was there too, for his little girl …

  • dianemaggipintovoiceover

    when lio turned 3 in early march, he had the blue dino cake from costco. still talks about it, weekly. wants more. who can blame him? @prettygirlmyers is correctomundo.

  • Not So Glamorous Housewife

    Wow, Marlo is 3? Your blog was a birthing staple for me with my now 2 year old followed by my now 9 month old, Perhaps soon I will have time to read and catch up! She is beautiful. Congrats and happy birthday Marlo.

  • JasmineStar

    As a fellow brown kid in Tyrant’s world, I was used to getting coins in pinatas, but they were pesos……and I was raised here in the US?!? Just think of the possibilities next year…it’s like TEN TIMES the amount of coins you had this year.

  • JudithNYC

    If it’s any consolation, I too was valedictorian and when you mentioned rolls of quarters I too thought they went into the pinata that way, all rolled up. What makes it worse it that I am Latina and have seen many a pinata get beaten to death.

    Happy birthday, Marlo.