• Becky


  • Michelle

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the topic but that American Express banner ad that showed up today that you can’t even X out of is almost enough to make me stop reading your site. And I LOVE your site. But that’s obnoxious.

  • Sooz

    You “serve” me every single time I read one of your posts. :)

  • M

    I have twin boys 2 – who only eat: Cheese and Peanut butter . This is one that eats cheese one that eats peanut butter. Oh an crackers don’t forget the crackers. Imagine they wont even eat ice-cream.

  • themommylogues

    I don’t understand. “I’ll try it.” What? Could he maybe hold a seminar on the benefits of trying food? A summer camp? A Go to Meeting? I’ve got a couple of kids to send. He could make millions.

  • Maude

    As a mother of a picky eater (yes, boy), this brought tears to my eyes.

  • 50 year old Mom

    Love this post. It really hits me in my sweet spot. I love nothing more than feeding my daughter’s skinny, skinny boyfriend something that makes him take seconds and thirds. I get such a charge out of feeding people something they really like. And it doesn’t hurt that your writing is hysterical. Also loved the soloists at the beginning of “The Spirit of God” video.

  • rebecca


  • http://grandmasboxofrecipes.blogspot.com/ joan

    I moved from CA to NC for a year. It felt weird to be addressed as Ma’am all the time. I felt like I should be 80 years old.

  • Lee

    I have a daughter who, when I picked her up from day care and I asked what she’d had for lunch, would say very sadly “not macaroni and cheese” about 4 days a week. But about once a week the answer was a very joyful “macaroni and cheese!!!”
    She’s now twenty and one of her favorite foods is still home made macaroni and cheese. (Milk and ice cream are also big favorites.”