• http://jackiemrussell.com/ Jackie B.

    If I wear something other than a t-shirt and shorts it’s “Mama, where are you going?” and then if I add a little lipstick it’s “Mama, you are so beautiful!” What a boost to ones self-esteem, well unless you think about the fact that I must really look like crap the rest of the time.

  • http://www.strategic-resume.com/ Candace Barr

    Looks great! I cut bangs about 6 months ago (thick, choppy ones) and my baby cried when she woke up to me for like 3 days. Real confidence booster!

  • http://www.tcphost.com/ Jahid

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  • http://www.tcphost.com/ Jahid

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  • http://www.escapingelegance.com/ Stephanie Reidy

    My boys are ALWAYS shocked when they see me with hair not in a ponytail with make-up on. “Mommy, you look sooo pretty. What do you have on your lips?” And I work out of the house!

    Hair looks great Heather. You keep rockin’ it!

  • jasilee

    it’s a little gnarly in the selfie, not gonna lie. but your kids are right, closer to natural is really pretty. just run a little product and finger curl a few around your face, to smooth them out a bit. it will look fantastic. play with it, it takes time to learn but no time at all to execute once you’re good.

  • jasilee

    true! i’m a wavy girl. i have naturally lovely waves if the humidity is right and the stars align. which is next to never. so i only wash my whole head 2x a week.. i’ll use a little shampoo only on roots in my daily shower and run a little extra conditioner through the ends if it’s absolutely necessary but it’s best not to strip your hair too much. oh, and sleep with it directly straight up in a bun if it’s long. amazing for volume and smoothness!

  • melissa

    You have beautifully naturally curly hair, girl. Leave it alone and watch the magic happen.

  • Jen Wilson

    Mine has a natural curl/wave as well, but I always blow dry it (and have to pause in the middle three or four times, too)(the blow dryer is HEAVY!). You do look quite fantastic, though. I’m with your girls. You should wear it like that more often. :)

  • Shelly

    Heather — “this unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation” OH MY GOD amazing! Hilarious.

  • Courtney Macavinta

    I love it. I use this “beach hair” stuff when I don’t want to dry…

  • Anon

    I have naturally curly hair that cannot be straightened without serious chemical intervention (which I will never do). It pains me when I see women who I know have beautiful natural curl who straighten the hell out of it every day because that is what society tells us we are supposed to do. Since when did every woman have to have straight hair? I love naturally curly hair, and I wish more people appreciated the simplicity and beauty of this type of hairstyle. I think your hair looks great and hope you wear it that way more often!

  • Joanne Lunn

    Ummmm…how the heck did it take so long for your kids to see you with simply styled hair? Something tells me that you probably have never accidentally made them bleed from sandpaper legs. Oh Heather, please just take a deep breath and jump outside of the box. You can do it. YES YOU CAN!

  • Michelle S.

    Loose curls look really pretty on you. This will save your arms and your hair: don’t blow wet hair dry, even when you want a blow-out. Air dry your hair and use your blow dryer on it when it’s nearly dry. Sounds stupid, but you’ll be amazed at how much better your hair will look and feel. I have long hair. I brush my hair thoroughly before washing. I never wad, pile, or scrub my hair while shampooing. I never rub my wet hair with a towel, I simply towel-wrap my wet hair snuggly for 10 minutes or so. I never brush, comb, or blow wet hair. I gently shake, scrunch, or finger-comb and let it air dry almost completely (I’m out west too, so it doesn’t take long at all). Once my hair feels damp dry or just cool to the touch, now’s the time for tools: blowers, ionizers, brushes, irons, etc.

  • Kate S.

    “…unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation…” Best! Hahaha!

  • Kate S.

    Also, it should be your next tagline for your next masthead.

  • Susan LaPooh

    Yep another work-at-homer and I get the same thing when I get DRESSED….”Mom, where are you going?” I gotta get out more!

  • Ds

    It’s a 10 – you can get it at the supermarket. A bit pricey but it’s the best for spray & scrunch & go for waves after a workout. I love the waves on you.

  • Courtney

    I think your girls are telling you something.