• cattail722

    This very same thing happened to me when I was hosting, once. My boss’ wife showed up an hour early to a lunch and I hadn’t even gotten in the shower yet! We were both embarrassed, and she left and came back, and was very gracious about it, thankfully. I now know that if I invite her to something at my house, to be ready at least an hour before she’s supposed to arrive.

  • Shelley

    At our schools, we call it “breakfast club” and it is for anyone in the school, there is no implication that it is for those in a certain income bracket. Kids might want/need breakfast for a variety of reasons; 1. low family income 2. Early morning daycare so breakfast was literally hours ago 3. Preteens that get themselves out the door in the morning and don’t take the time, 4. Guarantee of healthy options available. And no tax dollars are used – it’s funded through a couple of foundations and local non-profits with names like Breakfast For Learning, Jumpstart, etc. Local businesses are really supportive and often donate supplies too. Some schools have even extended it to add an “early learning snack program” where children up to Grade 2 are given a mid-morning snack right in their classroom.

  • Amy

    They provide free breakfast over here in ‘sunny’ Wales in the UK too. As previously said, it helps those children who would otherwise lose out on eating in the morning, feel as though everyone is taking part. I love it as breakfast time is one of the hardest parts of the day for me.

    Our school practically begs parents to send their kids in for ‘breakfast club’ as many of the government subsidies are worked out based on the number of attendees.

    Granted, our school only has a hundred kids spanning 6 grades but hey – admin is a bitch you know? :-)

  • algy

    For the Obessessive Earliers – My TV teacher at Journalism Grad school had “If you’re on time, you’re late” as her motto – because if you turn up to read the 3pm news at 3 – you’re late, you missed it.

    I have my watch set fast (somewhere between 3 -8 minutes, but not 5 that’s too easy to work out) so that I get places early. Because what makes a better impression – being waiting at a rendez-vous at the time given, or rocking up late?!

  • Amy

    Kathy, I think you and I are twins. Except that we’re almost to 13 years. But yes…wine.

  • Teal

    I am an Obsessive Earlier as well. People who are perpetually late drive me bonkers. When I drove myself to school I would ALWAYS be 15 minutes early. It’s the way I’ve always been.

    As for the free breakfast, those kids are going to Hell for sponging off the government!

  • Jaime

    We have free breakfast for EVERY kid in Vermont as well. We also have free lunch in the summertime for EVERY kid who stops in at a pick up spot.