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To terrorize y’alls neighborhood

He thought the holiday was finally over but he was terribly mistaken.

Atomic number 29

This color reminds me of pretty much the entire first half of the Eighties.

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in Utah

Here in the western frontier of the United States we are a peculiar people.

My lovely leafy Lo

Breaking out an old hat of mine and dabbling in Photoshop.

So wonderfully four

A brief Indian summer that provided the best light of the year.

The 2014 Chuck Calendar

This one includes Elton John, Shrek, a Stegosaurus, and everyone’s favorite: noodles.

This again?

Fall cleanup is going to be a nightmare this year oh my god.

First snowfall

Not the most terrible way to wake up, although I won’t be saying that come next May.

Halloween 2013

Someone shook this kid up and then opened the top and she exploded all over the walls.

Who wore it better?

The rest of Marlo’s outfit does make it seem as if this whale did not have a mirror when it was getting dressed.