• Rachel

    What wonderful and fulfilling work, Heather. I’m so glad you are doing it and that you are getting so much joy and inspiration from it.

  • crooked teeth

    Who run the world? Girls!

  • http://www.lifeofjill.com/ jillmansfield

    As my children get older and I head into this next “chapter” of motherhood, there is so much I want to explore. Especially surrounding (and with) other mothers. It’s a powerful and amazing group to belong to.

  • KC

    I can only imagine the conditions those women have to endure during their pregnancy and childbirth. It is an awesome thing for you to give of yourself for such a worthy cause.

    I LOVE the outfit you are wearing in the photos. And Christy is as gorgeous as ever! She was always one of my favorite supermodels!

  • http://www.luvandkiwi.com/ Tish

    I hope that one day I’ll be able to relate to what you wrote….that global link you speak of.

  • http://www.grass-stains.com/ katherine_at_grass_stains

    Magalie is an inspiration! And yes, it’s always nice to see that so much of what we are all feeling as moms is global. I’m a working mom of four, and it can feel very isolating at times … but I’m always brought back around to the realization that we’re only isolated if we allow ourselves to be.

  • Jen Moore

    I think you mean “bizness” :)