• disqus_DDmiTjOk4G

    Wow! Your life sounds really hard!

  • KristenfromMA

    I hate to fly. The news that my plane had been struck by lightning would have rendered me a useless lump, collapsed to the floor in a fetal position. i don’t know how people get used to it.

  • GirlWithTheKittenTattoo

    If it were me, I’d be spending the entire flight watching every fuselage-ripping-open-people-getting-sucked-out-the-back-of-the-plane scene on the inside of my clenched tightly closed eyelids.

  • susanfishy

    I’m not afraid of flying.I’m amazed by it. Every time. Everyone else just sits there like ho hum, here we go, and I’m all dazzled by flight. Was Donny really on your plane?

  • disqus_DDmiTjOk4G

    I know! I’m so happy she made it through that ordeal! What a mess!

  • Heather Armstrong

    Yes. He was. I really wanted to tell him what a fixture he had been in my childhood but I know he gets that all the time.

  • Breanne

    I’m not afraid to fly, in fact, I still get awestruck when I do… but this, this would have scared me.

  • Ria

    Was he wearing purple socks??

  • Heather Armstrong

    Shit! I didn’t think to check!

  • TWM

    I got caught in a flight delay cancellation from Springfield, MO that involved a drive to Tulsa, OK for a new flight! Yes, a rental car and a hotel room, then delayed flight through Dallas that missed my connection there –24 hours later I got home! I can relate to your story and I love the running and leaping through the terminal images.

  • Tracey Thoen Hornung

    Crazy Horses is seriously one of my favorite songs, it is on my ipod. Everyone thinks I am nuts.

  • RzDrms

    The same type of person who spits their chewed gum onto the ground, that’s who. :-/

    Also, I find it hard to believe you could be earlier to your flights than you are to your movies at the cinema. ;-)

  • Suzy Soro

    And he LOVES to hear that all the time. It makes him feel better that he’s on the death spiral by cutie plane.

  • http://www.twitter.com/lovesmoose Carla

    Donny Osmond scares me more than lightning.

  • Sasha

    Those people? They’re called “gate lice”.

  • susanfishy

    That’s what happens whenever I have the chance to meet someone famous. Everything I can think of to say either sounds like stalkerish gushing or is something I know they hear forty times a day.

  • Alexis

    Makes sense. He was doing the New York talk show circuit.

  • Rory J. Thompson

    (Shyly raises his hand…) Yeah, I do that “Zone-Jumping” thing, but…but, I’m from NEW YORK. We’re kinda REQUIRED to not really follow the rules; they’re more like “guidelines,” really. Plus, the gate-attendants just wanna fill the damn plane already, so they’re only scanning tickets and praying they get the “Ding!” and not the “Buzz!” of “Something-wrong-with-this-ticket,-Chief” notification. Besides, we only do it (our numbers are legion) so we can get our bag in the overhead, and not trust it to That Goober who “says” he’ll put in the belly, but who we know is TOTALLY lying to our face, and then planning to leave it on the tarmac. So, Zones? “We don’ need to show you no stinkin’ ZONES!” –Rorrington

  • Shannon

    i love Crazy Horses. I was first introduced to it on a CD left in a rental house in England. The CD had no label so I had to do some sleuthing myself. I bust it out all the time to stump my friends. No one ever knows the song and no one EVER believes me when I tell them who sings it.

  • http://www.thecensus.co/ Ethenic Cage

    I always find it very exhausted and I always find it crazy. And in that case You are really quite lucky.