• http://www.sistersfromanothermister.com Nicole Morgan

    Having your hands cupped around a Starbucks mug should be enough to earn customer of the week …

  • crosberg

    Seconding this motion! You got both me and my father (a veteran) a little teary with that post.

  • ahem_its_LM

    Ditto this. My Pop-Pop had dementia, and I learned so much from his caregivers about the disease and how to handle the difficult situations that arise. There is so much that most people don’t know, i.e. how it’s important to not show alarm when faced with the predicament Heather was in. Heather, you could not have handled that situation with more respect and care, and I’m glad you wrote about it.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Hahaha! Oh the things unsaid.

  • http://eisforerin.com Erin Human

    Oh my stars. The notion that iced coffee is EVER better than hot has to be the most offensive thing you have ever blogged about HEATHER!!!

  • Donna Telles

    Heather, I would love to find out where you got the throw on Marlo today. It is beyond gorgeous!

  • Teal

    I almost always prefer iced coffee over hot. I don’t have the patience to wait for hot coffee to cool, so I always burn my tongue. Plus, it’s too bitter for me.

  • Jennifer Diaz

    Heather, I agree 100% on the cold vs. hot coffee debate. I love iced coffee, swoooon. Also lattes are one of those things I also can’t give up on Paleo. Lately though I’ve managed to adapt to coconut cream in my coffee instead of milk, it’s surprisingly good! Of course I fully understand the allure of a Starbucks visit too. I live in Japan, so it’s a little taste of ‘Merica. :-)

  • Lindsey Orcutt

    I’ll come over and talk about what went wrong in Season 3 of Homeland. EGAD, what a frustrating series! I abandoned my cable this summer out of spite, so I’m missing Season 4 as we speak… (Please tell me it’s better so I have something to look forward to?!?)

  • Heather Armstrong

    I was going to abandon the series out of spite as well. Thought I’d give it a try, and whoa. Season 4 is riveting. I’m binge watching.

  • Commodore

    I’ll see your customer of the week and raise you a “customer of the weak”

  • chris

    Though your actions were incredibly kind and compassionate, I’m still not sure that posting the video online was the right thing to do (unless you had family’s permission to do so (but neglected to mention it)).

  • acm

    wait, you had a pleasant interaction with you CABLE COMPANY?!? I think you just got your karma back RIGHT THERE! %^)

  • trish

    Please. With all the animals that have ended up on your doorstep? You’re a regular Dr. Doolittle.

    Or what about helping that guy with dementia back to his house? Anything done at dark o’clock is an automatic 100 point bonus in the game of life. YOU’RE WINNING.