• acm

    Hey, we had Lip Smackers (TM) back in the 70s! so it’s a revival revival, I guess…

  • REK981

    I cannot wait get to Target for a Troll doll and a Caboodle!! This is awesome!!

  • Marie McDowell

    I loved my bubble gum Lip Smacker!

  • Lex Lemon

    So. HAPPY!

  • Lauren

    OMG CABOODLES!!!!!!!! No friggen way. I didn’t have makeup in mine, but I don’t even remember! MUST OWN ONE… I mean, um, get one for my daughter. Ahem.

  • Desiree Johnson

    Loved my Caboodle! Must get me and my daughter one!

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Funny enough, I used to keep My Little Ponies (and Polly Pockets) in my Caboodles. Right next to my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and my Keroppi suitcase. Not even kidding.

  • http://www.woogsworld.com/ Mrs Woog

    What the hell is a Caboodle?

  • http://www.twitter.com/lovesmoose Carla

    I love those troll dolls. I wrote that as droll tolls three times before I got it right.

    Anyway, when I see things like this anymore, I get stuck on LANDFILL waste and plastics and kids smearing their bodies with cherry bomb scented chemicals.

    I guess someone had to say it, or not. I try to opt for not so I can be one of the popular kids, but then this diarrhea thing happens and it just spills everywhere.


  • http://www.twitter.com/lovesmoose Carla

    Oh, gosh. Big head’s up for Lisa Frank folks. Those things sell like hotcakes on eBay. My husband learned about this recently and bought a dinged and scratched rainbow lunch pail at Goodwill for $1.99 and sold it in a few days on eBay for $65. He was adorable standing in line with his little lunch box. :o )

  • http://www.kimskitchensink.com/ Kim

    I have a Popple, a few My Little Ponies (from before they were redesigned to be all skinny and shit) and I believe a Troll or two from my childhood…waiting for my kids who have yet to be conceived, in a box in the basement. I can’t believe they’re bringing the Trolls back. I collected those weird little dolls and stored them in what else? A Troll Doll-covered bag.

  • Suzy Soro

    Hilarious post, Heather.

  • http://makingthemundanemerry.blogspot.com.au/ sue elliott

    I’m pretty sure that the troll dolls of my youth had suggestive holes between their legs so they could spend their days prancing around on pencils, driving teachers mad.

  • Gem Wilder

    You had how many Cabbage Patch Kids?! Kid me is jealous of kid you.

  • daisyliz

    The first picture of the troll doll brought back this intense memory of how they smelled. SO WEIRD!

  • http://emptybesters.com/ Judith Emptybesters

    What a blast from the past. I had given these troll dolls to my children. I will run down to the basement to see if I can find them. Maybe the next generation can enjoy them.

  • Jenny

    I randomly grabbed the troll sweatshirt for my 7 year old daughter and I wish it came in my size. It’s so soft and so kitschy… A definite must have if you have a child who is into super soft clothing like mine.

  • mom2ajs5

    Caboodle!!! I just dug mine out not long ago and found old make-up (gross!) and my class ring!

  • http://www.kimskitchensink.com/ Kim

    That is amazing!