• naima801

    The internet in our house is my 4-year old watching Ghostbusters on YouTube over and over and over again. I would like to think with a device like this, I’d be more open to him playing online and games a bit more. Please help me be a cool mom.

  • NT

    As a mom of two, it’s terrifying to think of the shenanigans children can get into online. This device looks like a great opportunity to allow my children the freedom to explore while also providing transparency for me to feel comfortable with their explorations. Thanks for whoring your blaahhg! :D

  • http://sunnysblog.typepad.com sunnygirlsf

    The internet is a great resource, but we could all use some limits on how long/what we look at when we’re on. This device sounds amazing!!!

  • raz1975

    Oh my goodness, this would be SUCH a help in our house. I could blame the end of tv time on ‘The Magic Internet Fairy’ – mum win!! Mind you, when my daughter uses her time to watch Little Princess on Netflix or listen to Dame Judi Dench narrating Winnie the Pooh on YouTube she can have all the time she wants for that! ;)

  • Kate C.

    My son is 8 and would gladly spend every free moment on his iPad. I’m trying to be relaxed about it, since he does his homework and goes to sports practice, etc. But every once in a while he’ll see a video on YouTube that scares the crap out of him, and I worry about how to help him navigate the universe of the internet. Circle looks like a great way to keep an eye on him and also talk to him about how he spends his time online. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Christina

    Ahem, don’t judge but I think I might use this as much for myself as my 12-year-old. Yes, I’m 40-years-old and completely incapable of putting my phone down even when I know I should.

  • Anne

    I’ve got teens and struggle daily on what limits to set, how to help them set their own limits, and how to make sure they don’t get sucked into stuff that they’re not emotionally ready for. (And agree with you, Dooce, that total bans on anything (junk food, TV, the internet) result in sneaking around and binging on the sly.)

  • Angie Rogers-Howell

    I have 4 kids and 2 grand kiddos all who love to use the internet. While I’m all about fostering online savvy children, I’d love to be able to monitor/limit my 11 year old’s mine craft video watching tendencies. Love this idea!

  • Kelly Severs

    I’ve no kids myself but I’d love to have one of these to gift to my sister-in-law. An extra set of hands is the best thing I could get her this Christmas. Thanks, Heather!

  • Miss lee

    With two adults (and 3 dogs) in this house I’m not really concerned about internet limits — but I do have a friend across the street with two kids, so I’m posting for a chance to win one for her household.

    I could probably do with limits for myself. Ha. Like I could even.

  • Erica Rubin

    I love this idea – I could even see my almost 10yr old being into it and wanting to help set up his own parameters, lol. I like that you can see not only the total number of minutes but how those minutes were used – fabulous!

    I <3 the internet and I've always stressed the importance of knowing the difference between leisure time and "business" when it comes to using it…he knows that he can't watch YouTube videos all day but he also knows he can do (almost) as much Khan Academy as he wants. The academic things he has access to at home with just the touch of a screen makes my younger self very jealous.

  • kristibug

    This looks AMAZING! We actually limit the devices for the kids, they get them once or twice a week only on weekends. But my oldest is turning 10 and I don’t want her to feel like she lives in a cave and I would love to set this up. What a great sponsored post for you.

  • Sarahkate32

    Mine are just getting old enough to ask for screen time and it’s already a struggle. Let’s face it though, I need this for me. Please limit my internet time.

  • Amy Reilly

    I LOVE this device, and clearly I desperately need one! I have 6 children ranging in age from 3 years old to 12 years old….trying to manage screen time for each of them can be a bit complicated, much less trying to be sure they are not being exposed to unsavory content. We actually had a nearly disasterous incident a few months ago when my then 11 y/o son had a friend sleep over. The boys snuck their phones in their room during the night so they could watch youtube videos. Typically they watch Minecraft videos, but this day in particular they had something else in mind. You see they had just been taught about the “birds and bees” at school that day, which was followed by a playground conversation with other boys of what do you know what have you seen? Apparently these other boys are allowed to play Grand Theft Auto so they are seasoned pros when it comes to members of the opposite sex. So the boys were told to search for “grand theft auto sex” and “grand theft auto strippers”. Thankfully, my kid is dorky enough to know when something pops up and says “You must be 18 to watch this video” he must click away. But I am fairly certain that Circle would have kept things from going even that far! And that would have been great because then I wouldn’t have had to have a conversation with two 11 year olds about what a prostitute or stripper are………

  • Anne M. Butler

    Would love to have this for my step-sister’s family. Would make an awesome Christmas gift for them!

  • monicahaynes

    Managing screen time for 3 kids is my downfall. This device would be a lifesaver!

  • Jill Darbyshire

    I need to set this up for my husband and both kids!

  • Aubrey

    Not a parent (oh no, don’t stop here – please keep reading my comment!) but I freaking love how you’re raising your girls. I can’t believe all the mayhem I got into running wild when I was a kid, and to me it seems technology is a way for kids to have what was our whole world inside of their pockets. Plus my niece can text me poop emojis now, so that’s pretty neat. I’d absolutely love to win one of these – mainly so I can gift it to my sister and get back in her good graces for giving my niece my old iPhone in the first place…

  • Stacy

    As someone who is obsessed with the internet and screen time myself, I desperately need this for my kids!

  • issascrazyworld

    Okay I need this. I keep having to take away my teens phone because I catch her with it at 10pm. It’s really hard to police a nearly 14 year old (plus two more kids) and even when all she is doing is watching random YouTube cat clips, hello go to bed child! I’ve threatened turning off the wi-fi at a certain time, but then I’d not be able to use it either. This seems like a perfect solution.

    We go back and forth on screens in my house. Some days they don’t a single device and others they’re on them much more. I figure it works out in the end. I had a serious Mario addiction as a kid. Mine are in sports and clubs and have massive amounts of homework. Down time is needed for all.

  • Sarah R

    Wow, this sounds like such a great device. For my son, but for my husband and me too! I know I spend a lot of mindless time playing on my phone.

  • Page Barwick

    My 11-year-old son uses YouTube to learn magic tricks and Minecraft tips and to relish in other people hurting themselves. His path to knowledge is so much more efficient than mine was at his age! No trips to the library. No card catalogs. Instant access to whatever you want to know.

  • Stacie

    I think this is a fabulous answer to a question I am just beginning to ask. I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old and sometimes, having them watching videos on a device is easier for ME, so I can become very lax on weekends and holidays especially. I will definitely be looking into this device, and it would be even more awesome to get a free one! :)

    What will these developers think of next?!

  • KO

    Holy cannoli this is snazzy! I think this could be a great tool to start some real discussions about internet safety, internet etiquette, and the difference between the cyberworld and the real world. I would love to have one of these!

  • Margaret

    I need this desperately. My kids are constantly on YouTube watching Minecraft videos, and my youngest is only 4. They wake up at 6:15 and immediately go to the iPads. I struggle with it a lot. This looks like a great help. Thanks Dooce!

  • Melissa Work Black

    This would be a lifesaver for me! Two kids, age 9 and 13, one with a phone and tablet and the other a tablet. My 9-year old daughter is on YouTube constantly and I struggle between “you must be in the same room with me when watching, so I can make sure you’re not watching anything you shouldn’t” and “OMG…you have watched that same video 50 times and my head will explode if I hear it again, please go anywhere else.” For my 13-year old, he’s hitting the stage where he holes up in his room for hours, so I really worry about what he’s watching/searching for. They’re both amazing kids, but it’s just scary how much info is at their fingertips these days.

  • Catherine Sullivan

    Hi, I’m also a full time single mom and struggle with how much screen time is ok for my son. I’ve decided that is rather him have access to apps that are educational and fun and interactive than to just zone out in front of the tv.

  • erbie

    I’ve been struggling with this with my kids as well. My kid spends hours on YouTube and I’m trying to make her use more reasonable without taking it away completely. They do need to be tech-literate, as a life skill, but where do we draw the line? She has not learned to self-regulate, so a Circle seems like a great thing to try for a reasonable limit from both sides.

  • Ivori

    We love the internet at home and do a good job limiting our time on it…we being me and my 6 year old. I would like this to set up a profile for my 22 year old for when she comes over. She claims the time to be a visit, however, she never puts her phone down during this time. Mom’s house – mom’s rules…no matter the age :)

  • Julie Vrla

    My kids use laptops and tablets every day in their classrooms. I can’t take the internet away, even if I wanted to do it. But it’s nice to see that there’s help to monitor and filter what children can do, without really impinging on their exploration and learning. So, kudos to this device. A long time coming.

  • Leigh

    Several months ago I had breakfast with an old roommate, and in our conversation she told me that she severely restricts her four kids’ screen time: something like 30 minutes on weeknights and two hours on weekends. Right after that breakfast I met a couple of other friends and their kids for lunch, and when I arrived their kids were each playing on their phones. My friend was carrying a messenger bag, and I asked if he had to go to work after lunch. He said, “No, these are backup devices for when the batteries die on their phones.” I died laughing and said, “THIS is why we’re friends!!”

    When they use their devices for homework AND talking with friends AND watching shows AND who knows what else, it’s very hard to know how best to limit screen time. It does make for an effective punishment, though–taking away my 14-year-old’s phone is like cutting off one of her limbs. (I would never, for the record, cut off her limbs).

  • nicoleishida

    I am afraid of the internet for my kids and need to get more up to speed on how to filter and monitor. Unfortunately there’s no avoiding it but a device like this would help. I hope they’re working on video game time limiting devices as well. My Wii could use some monitoring (but mostly for my husband if I’m honest)

  • Marie

    This device looks amazing. I’d even use it for myself. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Heather! Love you!

  • Tonya

    I would love to have something that would make my kids have to get off their devices. Saying it seven times gets so old so fast.

  • AJS

    We were the parents that smugly said we will not let the internet babysit our child. And then we laughed and laughed and slept the sleep of people without children. And then we tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner with a toddler underfoot. Or you know go to the bathroom. AND NOW SHE’S A NINJA AT NETFLIX. She can dismiss texts, switch apps and find YouTube and Netflix by icon not location. She is 20 months. She better be Marlo-level nerd by the time she’s three. Circle sounds AMAZING. And I want it for my Nerd-in-Training but also for us to be able to track how much time WE spend in front of a screen. B/C honestly how can I expect my child to pull herself out of a screen if we’re constantly buried in one?!?!?

  • http://www.1110consulting.com scottadamson

    I’m interested to hear more about this… I received the Circle about a week ago and have been testing this in my home. A few things I have found… One, on wifi, there does appear to be a lag/slowness when passing through the Circle (have you seen this)? I have two wifi networks at home and the system can only monitor one – I then connected the Circle (as you mentioned) directly to the router – but now I’m not seeing anything from any of the monitored devices (and we have too many devices).
    In general I need to do some network clean-up in my home so maybe with some wireless and network adjustments I will clean all this up and get things working well.
    I’m the director of technology (and parent of two boys – 5th & 6th grade) for a k-12 independent school in NYC and would love to feel comfortable recommending this to other parents in my personal circles as well as parents that may want some visibility into their students screen time.

    We are a one to one iPad school here and can support and manage to a large degree what students do with and on their devices here on campus but when they go home – that is a different story. Would love to hear some additional comments and suggestions. Thank you!

  • Sarah

    This would be perfect for our family. Our kids each have several different devices and it can be a headache to figure out restrictions and settings on each one. This would definitely help regulate that. Also love that you can see which apps they’ve been using.

  • Cara D


  • Alyssa

    I was just realizing this weekend that my eight year old is way too comfortable and naïve about the internet! I’m a single mom too, and I would love to have something else telling them that internet time is over for the day. I don’t have strict time limits right now, but I think I will need to soon.

  • Janet Nimiroski

    I have three kids and thought I had all the devices set up so they couldn’t access anything too weird/creepy/mature for them. Missed the part on youtube where you have to do it there as well, one day I took a peek at the user history to see just what my 8 year old was looking at. OMG. She went from minecraft videos to videos of people playing with frozen toys to “how to wipe your ass with 6″ fingernails.” which then lead to weird prank videos, worlds fattest man, woman breatfeeds monkey WHHHAAATT???????? O.M.G.
    and some of THAT was AFTER I set the age level for youtube! this device would save me,lol.

  • Rachel R. Vail

    I’m a single Parent 86.67% of the year with a 12 year old boy at home. Seriously, this device would be a life saver for both of us. I’m doing my best to keep him young in an environment that can be overwhelming. There’s too many choices to view things that he’s not emotionally ready for. He’s a wonderful boy and enjoys being outside fishing, archery, sports….I just want to make sure he makes time for those things as well as the ipod. It’s very easy to get sucked in….I’m hoping I can include myself as, I too, need to monitor my own screen time. Thanks Dooce.

  • Elizabeth

    I would love this, and I would be sorely tempted to set it so my husband got kicked off his Kindle at 2 AM. Unfortunately you probably can’t prevent them from accessing the paper books, huh?

  • Cara D

    OK, learning how to comment on a blog…check! This is a brilliant invention and may save my relationship with my 3 children. I am SO SICK of policing screen time every day and trying to convince my children that they DO have other interests and explaining to my 9 year old that watching a person on youtube play a video game is just beyond absurd to me. Do I sound judgy? I’m sure I do, but aaacckk! this is such a struggle for me. If I am not a randomly selected winner, this is going on my Santa PLEASE list (along with a massage).

  • Brianne Christiansen

    omg. I NEED this for my 4 year old with Aspergers. And of course I can’t afford it right now. It’s going on the list if I don’t win one from you!

  • Jamie B

    My oldest is five, and spends almost no time on the Internet, mostly because the idea of allowing him to browse online scares the crap out of me. Having something like this to help set limits and to curb what he can access online would be amazing, because the day is coming, whether I like it or not!

  • Courtney Smith

    Oh well, I am pretty sure I need one of these!

  • Fredda

    Although attentive in other areas, my mother paid seemingly no attention to what I read or watched. Our home was full of books so I could learn about sex from reading popular novels like Tobacco Road. Admittedly media was pretty tame in the 50s and 60s but it didn’t seem to hurt me, although it did scare the nuns a bit when I submitted a book report on The Diary of Anne Frank in the third grade. Following my mother’s example, I didn’t limit my sons either. They couldn’t seem to put The Joy of Sex back on the bookshelf as it had been left so I was aware of their reading. They seem entirely normal as well.

  • Siobhan Provolt

    This is exciting to me! I have 6 kids 4 that use technology to some degree and it has been a huge headache trying to figure out what to use to keep them safe. Thankyou!

  • Carrie

    I would love one of these – I can’t keep track of 3 kids’ screen times on my own!

  • elaine laurin

    this would be so useful for my 10y.o, who never wants to get off the net.