Hair, day who the hell knows

Some of you have been asking what’s going on with the hair situation, and I am right at that stage where I feel like shaving it all off. It’s not long enough, not short enough. Like Goldilocks is wrestling around up there looking for the right length and, oops! Sorry! The three bears don’t live [...]

Hair, day eighty-two

I know it seems like my hair doesn’t grow. 82 days?! Shouldn’t I be able to throw it out the window and let a local prince climb it like a rope, up two stories into my room? Where I would promptly slap his face for getting fresh with me? You are ROYALTY, for god’s sake. [...]

Hair, day seventy-five

Today I just want to remind everyone that March (as well as September) can be rough on those who are prone to depression. If you’re upset or frustrated or anxious or sad and you don’t know why, don’t be too hard on yourself. It could just be the rotation of the earth. (That’s not hippie [...]

Hair, day sixty-eight

Hi. Today is not a good day. In fact, it’s pretty much just an awful piece of poop. However, I just watched this video of a National Geographic photographer’s encounter with an endangered Asian lioness and the tears I cried were mixed with good ones. This is so worth 4 minutes and 58 seconds of [...]

Hair, day sixty

Bed head. My emotions are right up underneath my eyes this week (a woman had to have invented sunglasses for this very reason), so this video couldn’t have come along at a better time. It might not be safe for work if your boss frowns upon a man dancing around joyously in his tighty whities, [...]

Hair, day fifty-three

My mood is a lot better these days, and that’s due in no small part to the inspiration of this video and knowing that this guy was all, screw all y’all. I’m going to cheer the hell of this. (via Glenyrd)

Hair, day thirty-eight

I promise I took this at a stop light. There was no photographing while driving or texting or Instagramming or Words WIth Friending, none of that. I was focused solely the disappointment that the person in the car ahead of me didn’t allow me to egregiously run that light. FOILED!

Hair, day thirty

“Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel?” That’s the question almost everyone keeps asking me, and so far it’s the one thing that doesn’t make me cringe or want to cry or run outside and punch my fist in the ground. It’s an innocent, heartfelt question that doesn’t make any assumptions [...]

Hair, day twenty three

Oh look. Yet another striped shirt. I’M KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES.

Hair, day fifteen

This morning I was trying to concentrate on the music pumping through the speakers in spin class but the thoughts in my brain poured through the circuitry like those tickers announcing stock prices: PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PIANO LESSONS, LUNCH, DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT, PAIN, CONFERENCE CALL, PAIN, PAIN, DINNER, PAPERWORK, PAIN. If you invested in pain you [...]