Charlie foxtrot

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, I know, but the last several days of our lives have been nothing but a tidal wave of heartbreaking chaos. Jon’s sister-in-law died on the morning of his birthday, this following a night that had ended in a pretty ugly display of ineptitude in parenthood on [...]

Wherein I return to my roots

Marlo’s favorite thing to do now, after having been taught by her evil grandmother, is to climb stairs. Great. Because this new house is basically four stories, three above and one below ground. Lots of stairs to climb! No problem for an almost thirteen-month-old who routinely dives off of our bed head-first and loves the [...]

Featured community question wherein I am not the valedictorian

Today’s featured question comes from user Onemoremomblog: Yes. Always. Wait… that’s not true. Let me explain before you throw a flaming, unscooped turd at my head. I’ve got jackets with pockets full of poop bags, because whenever I take the dogs for a walk I want to make sure I’m prepared. In fact, I’m even [...]

Rite of Passage

[The last guest post of the week is by Jim Griffioen, one half of the blog Sweet Juniper. I fell in love with his writing a few years ago, and when he and his family moved from San Francisco to Detroit they spent an afternoon at our house in Salt Lake City (where Leta introduced [...]

Potty training begins very soon

Jon senses that it might be time to change Leta’s diaper. Could be the smell that is frying his eyeballs, could be the way she is perched on the floor, her legs sticking straight out a few inches off the floor as if she is trying to strengthen her stomach muscles. Could be that she [...]

Frightened now of our child’s adolescence, as if we weren’t before

Lately we have been sprinkling magic fairy dust into Leta’s food to help combat her constipation. It’s called MiraLax and looks suspiciously like artificial sweetener. MiraLax has to be taken with food which is all sorts of frustrating since we told the doctor that Leta doesn’t eat food. He nodded and said, “Sprinkle this on [...]

For those of you who come here for one thing, this is my Christmas present to you

Leta’s new favorite book is called Once Upon a Potty (thanks, Abby and Jenny) about a little girl named Prudence who has “a bottom for sitting and in it a little hole for making Poo-Poo.” Let’s be honest: this is my favorite book, too. The book is supposed to help kids understand the concept of [...]

You’re going to want to skip over this one, Dad

Tragically, Internet, I have lost my ability to not poop. I should be able to point to at least two days last week when I talked about not going poop on this website, but I can’t. I can’t even point to two days from last month. I haven’t talked about not going poop in almost [...]

When my Dad reads this his head is going to be full of BLEEEEEPs

My father left this morning after being in town for over five days. Unlike my mother’s side of the family my father does not abide the talk of bodily functions and will get up and walk away from you if you so much as insinuate that humans take shits. Luckily for him he got to [...]

You’ll never guess what this post is about

Sunday morning both Leta and I took a mid-morning nap as Jon worked on CSS or XHTML or UNIX or some other alien language on the Millennium Falcon Machine in the basement. When Leta wakes up she usually babbles but when she woke up from this nap she started whimpering like an injured fawn who [...]