Magic Maeve

An accidental shot that captures so much of what it is like to be around this kid.

Rhythm is gonna get you

Soon I’ll need to teach her the Pop’n Loc, the Roger Rabbit, the Robot, the Sprinkler and the Snake.

Please help him, dear god

He is surrounded by love and it is just so sickening.

Investing in her future

When there is money involved my firstborn asks, “How high would you like me to jump?”

Big sister, little sister

Brining back memories of my childhood and the big sister I adored.


A water dog dressed in a princess costume? You don’t say.

Queen sized

Where you will find Chuck when he is not writing poetry about his feelings.

My village

My team of “sister wives” is wide and deep and doesn’t get enough public praise for their contribution.

Coco Furrocious

I can’t even believe I’m about to do this: I hereby recommend that you go out right now and adopt a herding dog.

Traveling hack

So much easier than carrying a sombrero and a fly swatter through an airport.