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Reconnecting with the dame

I made good on my promise to this dog last week and got her out for an hour-long walk five out of seven days:

This week is going to prove a little more difficult as I’m doing a tiny bit of traveling and have meetings scheduled every hour I’m home, so we’ll play as much fetch in the backyard as we can when I can fit it in. And not just with any ball, no. The only ball I have found that she will not destroy and then ingest and then have a very hard time digesting is one of these:

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls-Pack of 12

I buy them in packs of 12 because they are a little bouncy. And sometimes I forget that. And sometimes (very often) one will hit the ground and then fly right over the fence into one of the four yards surrounding ours. I always buy them in bright yellow or orange, as well, so that when she loses her mind and forgets that she’s a dog and can’t find the damn thing, at least I can spot it hidden under a bush.

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Such a good girl. Sometimes.

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