I rented a zoo

If you’re missing a bear I know where it’s spending its nights.

Up in the SLC

You down with SLC, YEAH YOU KNOW ME.

Brokeback banana

The best part of my jobis that I get to share so much of it with the wonderful people in my life.

Elder LaCaze

My mother’s testimony may have made a stunning conversion.

The red rock wonderland

“Leta will most likely want to sit in the car and read a book about Arches. Marlo? Marlo will want to become an arch.”

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The gay portion of the circus.

Special delivery

This is what my assistant calls “work.”

John LaCaze

Portrait of my meticulous assistant.

Stealth mode

This is Tyrant and Dane at the Avenues Street Fair on Saturday talking with someone about emergency preparedness certification?


Just in case you guys forgot what my assistant/dungeon master looks like. As in almost all pictures I’ve ever posted of him he is wearing a blue button-down shirt. I once saw him outside of work and he was wearing a really cute outfit, and it was like seeing your seventh grade teacher at the [...]