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Chuck’s Honest Reaction to Mama’s New Haircut

  • Could it really be *that* bad?

  • vilija

    Is he going to be OK?

  • Oh, dear. That bad is it?

  • What a… cute… Mexican hairless you have. Guess it’s time to break out those fleece doggie sweaters.

  • Oh well, at least he didn’t turn to stone 😉

  • Boooring.

  • He’s still trying to get that nasty stuff off?

  • It’ll grow back. Besides, he’s pretty hairless, so what does he know! He seriously needs his own blog. That is one dog with a lot to say.

  • Looks to me like he just can’t stop laughing.

  • 3…2…1…collie-collie-dachsund-freeeeee!

  • Em

    Maybe he was just..itchy! 🙂

  • I think chuckles is laughing.

    Don’t worry, it will grow back!

  • At least you didn’t need stitches.

  • Oh no…did mama get a faux-hawk?

  • chuck: “oh dear. what did i tell you about going to supercuts?”

  • Everyone’s a critic, eh, Chuck?

  • Simone

    Chuck: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA! What were you thinking??!!

  • Hairless? How much crack are you people smoking?

  • Her haircut is fantastic!

  • Fan

    Creative block?

  • smark

    thank god! i thought he went christian on us.

  • turn off comments. it’s the worst part of dooce. can you people at least *try* when you write this stupidity?

  • Igor

    Hey Dirty,

    have you read my previous ? Shall I dance as well ? Would you care for some extra footage ?

    You can clearly see in this picture that the dog is practicing the canine expulsion mantra, trying to get rid of the horrible image of the lady of the house after she was massacred by her coiffeur. And I bet that she paid good money too.

  • hey igor, i have no idea what you’re talking about, but i like it. i’ll take some extra footage if you don’t mind. cheers.

  • You’ve scarred that poor boy for life.

  • How long had he been laughing at you by the time you took this picture?

    Do we get to see the haircut?

  • Yeah, show us the haircut!

  • this site rocks!



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