Makes Mouths Happy

Here is a photo of my daughter with a cancer-causing, artery-clogging twizzler in her mouth. Please commence getting all up in my ass.

And here is a picture of a bee. On a flower.

We’re back. It wasn’t a good week. It would classify somewhere between not very good and disastrous leaning heavily toward the disastrous end.

We have a whole bunch of errands to run which leaves me with no time to update, but I’ll leave you with a couple things:

1. My boobs are no longer engorged. It took 10 days. My body is once again MY OWN. Bottles of Maker’s Mark everywhere: BEWARE.

2. Nothing in this world is more awesome than watching a baby roll over from her stomach to her back. Nothing, except perhaps a baby squealing at the sight of a twizzler.