the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Small, small world

Last week I mentioned that yet again I had lost one of Leta’s socks on a walk. A day later I received this email in my inbox:

“Is it a Baby Gap sock sort of beige-y with blue flowers? … I thought I saw you walking on [street A] a couple weeks ago when I was driving home… I kinda think we might be neighbors… ?

Anyway, there is a Baby Gap (see above description), baby sock in front of Starbucks on [street A and street B]… and I am not stalk-y I just saw the sock this morning and thought of you and then I went to Dooce and saw the post and I felt compelled to email.”

To which I replied: “OH MY GOD. THAT IS HER SOCK.”

And then you know what she did? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? She went back to [street A and street B] and LOOKED FOR THE SOCK. For Leta.

And even though she didn’t find it, it was gone, perhaps washed away by the rain or snatched up by the Sock Demons, I assured Leta that she has a Guardian Sock Angel.

Thank you, Kahli.

Heather B. Armstrong

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