the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Email: Merry Christmas

UPDATE! just sent me ANOTHER email telling me that I’m not being vigilant enough about Leta’s sensory issues and that because of that Leta is going to grow up and become autistic.

I’m so not kidding.


Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for the holidays and who sent me wonderful things in the mail. I’m still catching up on thank you emails, and I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Except for this person who insists on sending me email like this (which I got today, the day after Christmas):


SUBJECT: okay. now this is mean.

Heather. Though most models are unattractive in my opinion, you don’t look anything close to model.

And I actually mean that in a bad way. A really-really bad. Way. 


and this one a little while ago:


SUBJECT: Say What???

Pardon me for saying this, Heather…but…um..ehem…. go fuck yourself.
and your negative ethnic “image” comparisions. Yep, I’m half Turkish…you wanna make fun of Turks like the way many of us make fun of the Irish or Italian, etc…fine. But don’t go and negate thier “image” as nasty like your lawn..or your fucking face shape.  That’s just not fair.

By the way, um…you look less like Carrie A Moss than a prodigy of Madonna and…Morrisey.   Maybe that’s why you’re so negative and self absorbed. 

What a turn off, dude.  And I mean dude.

Signed, Pissed Off and Surprised Like a MoFo.


Apparently it’s okay to make fun of The Irish or Italians and of course us Idiot Americans. BUT STEP OFF THE TURKS, DUDE.

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