The third law

After Leta threw a volcanic fit over the fact that she couldn’t get a stack of Cinderella Princess playing cards arranged exactly as they had come out of the box I casually asked her if she wanted to go night-night. She had at least another hour before her scheduled nap time, but I figured that if I brought up the nap she would whip herself out of the tantrum and assure me that WHAT? ME? TIRED? NO I’M FINE. SEE? LOOK AT HOW WIDE AWAKE AND HAPPY I AM.

Instead she looked up at me with giant round tears in her eyes, nodded her head and said, “Night-night.” Jon and I took her back to her room, dressed her in a clean diaper and set her in her crib. Before she flopped down she looked up again and blew us kisses. Within a minute she was snoring.

For every force there is an equal and opposite force, and having your child not only want to take a nap but also to ask for it? Newton never bargained for the physics of such a phenomenon. In that moment I expected a house to fall on my head.