The sound of a car that won’t start

Last night as we were eating dinner Leta started singing a song that I have not ever heard, probably because she was making it up as she was going along, inserting words from every song she knows into one chorus, with Barney coming around the mountain in a row boat. The whole song was off key, as usual, and we have learned that when we sing along with her she throws us off key, which means she won’t be coming with us when we try out for American Idol next season, that would be so embarrassing. Because I can totally sing just like Mariah Carey. I have her range. Except I am better than she is because I can hit those notes while juggling two flaming machetes. I am not even kidding.

We tried to video tape Leta singing this mishmash opera, except whenever we break out the camcorder anymore she stops whatever she’s doing and demands that we turn the screen around so that she can watch herself being taped. And the image of herself always amazes her, paralyzes her with joy so thoroughly that she can’t do anything but sit there and stare at the wonderful creature looking right back at her. So last night we got all this footage of her moving her head around right next to the camera as she tried to get a better look at her face. It has the potential to be the most boring video ever, except a part of her realizes that she’s being ridiculous, and she cannot stop laughing. About halfway through, Jon suggests that she back up a little bit so that she can see more of her face, and she says, “No, thanks,” like, I appreciate your input, that’s really nice of you, but last time I checked I hadn’t made you project manager.

Also, there is some bonus footage here of Leta knocking over Jon’s Heineken keg can. While she’s not wearing any pants. Because we learned how to parent from a White Snake video.

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