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To replace the other song you had stuck in your head

Get ready for the most fantastic 35 seconds of your life:

I have watched this video over 40 times this morning, stopping each time to cherish the look on the guy’s face at about 24 seconds in. And it gets better every time.

This video is about so much more than a simple bidet, it’s a challenge. It’s asking you if your life is fulfilling. No really, is it? Because if you’re not making faces like these at least once a day YOU DON’T KNOW FULFILLING.

(thank you, Bucky)

  • Miss Peas

    I don’t know, that’s exactly how I look after a trip to the bidet.

  • Wow. Hilarious! And how appropriate, it’s asking me to type in the words “again flushing” to prove I’m a human!

  • I wanna loo, too. I think.

  • Brandy in Canada

    Japan has a really weird fetish with high tech toilets..which makes me want one real bad.

    Oh and yep that song has now replaced the Miami Vice theme that has been in my head all morning! and this one I can sing!!

  • Looks like a pretty orgasmic bidet.

  • Holy effing shit.

    I knew there was something missing in my life and now I know it’s got to be the LOO-LOO.

    Looks to me like the loo-loo puts the FILL in fulfillment.

  • so much better than the 5 dollar foot long song.

  • Hell – those are POOP faces. My LooLoo faces would be MUCH better.

  • Lisa

    Yeah, whatever. You’re not really anal, you know, unless you have a bidet. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Kelly

    Ummm, I don’t think those are poop faces.

  • I want one of those!

  • Thanks for putting a little sunshine into my not so good day. This may have been the first time that I’ve smiled today.

  • Oh, thanks oodles. Now I want to swan around the apartment wiggling my hips and shaking my fingers all jitterbug style…to a song from a Japanese bidet commercial. No, my life wasn’t NEARLY surreal enough, THANKS. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

  • Does the bidet come with the laugh track too? Because that’s what I’m missing in the toilet.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know that one of the most popular games in Japan is to try to stick your finger in somebody’s butt?

  • Tim

    The other song I had stuck in my head was the princess song.

  • But can you imagine the mess of water to clean up on the bathroom floor every time your LooLoo shoots you in the ass? I’m not sure it’s worth it… 😛

  • Mari

    Damn, I missed it. Now it says video is no longer available.

  • I think I would be singing my own spontaneous song if I sat on a bidet. Maybe it would coax some of those high notes out of me.

  • Mari

    Okay, it’s working now. This must be a Japanese commercial, right? Hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    @Brandy in Canada and Lissa: It’s a Korean commercial.

    I would die if a commercial like this popped up on my television set. If only…

  • Wow–just when you thought it was safe to go back on the toilet. First people have to worry about their spouses finding love online through sex chats–now we need to monitor how much time they spend in the crapper in case they’re cheating on us with a bidet. 😉

    Hilarious video, Heather. Thanks for the laugh!

  • I have no words.

  • Who knew that the secret to happiness could be found in a bidet? I bet even the Dalai Lama has one of these puppies.

  • Kim

    That reminds me of the time that I visited Japan and I couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet. It was so high tech, I ended up pushing the bidet button and I couldn’t turn it off. The family that I was staying with laughed at me for days.

  • KFJ

    That guy’s look is freaking priceless!!!! However thought that much joy could come from a bidet!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  • How sad that you were right — that may have been the best 35 seconds of my life…

  • Well. Huh. That’s something…else. We’re potty-training over here, do you think the my 2 year old would dig it?

  • Think how much toilet paper is saved. That’s the real reason they’re smiling!

  • Won’t we forever have “LOO LOO!” as a great line…

    But, you have to give it to the advertisers, they’ve sold me; I want a toilet like that!

  • I miss the Sears Catalog days. Now those were exciting.

  • Ana

    Because even Leta can enjoy Japanese potty videos! 🙂 Enjoy!

  • It would eliminate the need for toilet paper. Gives “going green” a whole new meaning. If I had one of those I’d be going to the bathroom all the time. Sometimes twice. in. a. row.

  • I’m not sure if I even have words for this. All I can really say, is it looks going to the bathroom has just become quite orgasmic looking. Ok, so that sentence has officially frightened me.

  • KathyM

    I’d be sold too, except I’d be worried about hitting my head on the ceiling whenever I used it.

  • That was fabulous, I now know what I want in my home. A loo-loo. Can’t wait to inflict that ear candy on the husband when he gets home. Thanks for sharing this Dooce.

  • sara

    My husband wants one of these so bad! When he describes how it works he gets really excited about it.

  • Yeah, but does it clean itself? Huh? Huh? Does it? Because the only bathroom appliance that will give me that face is a self-cleaning bathroom appliance.

  • Clearly I am missing the best part of life by not owning a Loo-Loo. Maybe I would have a 24-seconds face, too.

    Awesome video, Dooce.

  • Sheryl

    Oh my God – my brother-in-law brought one of these to our Christmas gift exchange, and he was hoping that I would get it. I was mortified at the time but it we wouldn’t have had to get a larger toilet I might have gone for it.

  • sassykk

    I sell the shit out of those things! (pun intended) Seriously, I do. I own a high end plumbing showroom and people LOVE their bidet seats. I LOVE mine too! And yes, it cleans the wand before and after each use with hot water so it’s sanitary between users. TOTO makes them and they call them “washlets”

  • naia

    this is really popular in korea and it’s definitely catching up here in the states. i went to a dinner at a friend of friend’s house in la and they had a similar toilet. i was kinda scared to use it… afraid of pushing the wrong button, but now i see i really should have given it a try. i missed out!

  • My three-year old daughter’s response after watching it…

    “Mommy, are those people happy…or sad? Or just weird?”

    I told her they were full of LOO! Amazingly enough, she nodded, like that cleared everything up.

  • What a riot! Unfortunately, the volume in my headphones was up too high and that happy little ditty is now permanently implanted in my ear.

  • That is just weird, but if I can get the same reaction, I’m in for sure.

  • Loo-Loo does clean off the poo poo! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  • SuzieQ

    NOW YOU DID IT!! All YOU had to do was mention a song in the head and it put the “HIPPO FOR CHRISTMAS” right back in MY head..

  • If that was the most fantastic 35 seconds of my life, it’s obviously only because I don’t have a bidet. YET.

  • You’re right! That face is awesome! Is it joy? Is it pleasure? Is it Pee Wee Hermann?

  • That 24-second-in face? Grade-A O face.

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