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The dooce® xBox Joy Ride Giveaway 2010

Are you ready for yet another huge holiday giveaway on this here Internet Website Blog Thing? No? Then fine, I’ll just give one of these five xBox and xBox Kinect consoles to someone else.

Yes! Five! One two three four FIVE! (That’s a whole five more than zero.) Five of you will get to enjoy the awesomeness that is Kinect. And no, they did not pay me to call it awesome, nor did they pay me to tell you that it has and will continue to change Leta’s life. Are you ready for me to tear up? Because that’s what I do every time I talk about what it’s like to see this kid play games on Kinect, this kid who was late to walk and jump, this kid who hates physical activity, this kid who now jumps and runs around the living room for hours:

“Is it time to go to bed, Mom?”

“Are you still playing that boat game?”


“There is no such thing as bed time.”

They sent us an advanced copy of Kinect to check out before giving one away, and we had no idea that Leta would love it so much, or that she would beg to play until she sweat. I think the only time Leta has ever broken a sweat was the afternoon she read all three of her library books in the hour after school and then started to panic thinking about how long it would be until she could get her hands on a new one.

I hate it when that happens, too.

Point is, nothing has ever motivated her to get up and moving like this. We’re blown away. Not even that time we snuck into her room while she was sleeping and released a box of snakes.

Over the weekend we invited my sister’s family over to check it out as well, and we’ve put together a little video of all that madness. Reasons this video is worth your time: 1) The Avon World Sales Leader makes a cameo. 2) As does my butt. 3) Jon attempts to dance. 4) Oh just trust me on this one, and by that I mean it gets really good at about 2:42.

xBox Kinect Giveaway Video from dooce on Vimeo.

Give the video a moment to load. If you have a hard time seeing the video, click here to view it.

To enter:

1. You must be 18 or over to enter.

2. You must live in the US. (Dodging rocks from Canadians. You guys, I had no control over these rules. If I did, they’d be all EVERY CANADIAN GETS ONE!)

3. You must read these rules.

4. Five commenters will be selected as winners. Please include in your comment your favorite part of the video we made above.

Note: you must be signed in to leave a comment. If you sign up for multiple user accounts and try to enter under different profiles, you will be disqualified.

5. Comments will be open until 11:59 PM on November 21, 2010.

6. Winners will be chosen randomly using

7. Winners will be announced on November 22, 2010.

8. Prize is the following package: 1 – Xbox console, 1 – xBox Kinect Game Console, 1 – Joyride game

Once again, we’re giving away five packages. Ready? GO!

  • smwb23

    I liked the random baby!

  • cecilia

    You see, it’s not only entertaining, but educational too. After reading the rules I had to look up the word “tortious.” I love the part where Jon and Leta are “dancing” together. Nothing is better than that.

  • Laura Jones

    That was fun to watch. Leta moves like her father when she dances with him and like her mother when she is on the floor. Except for the butt part, somehow I don’t see Leta wiggling that for the camera. 🙂

  • chocolateandcarrots

    The butt move was awesome. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Denise6754

    What a great video! I love how EVERYONE did their thing, no matter if they could dance or not. Jon was the most fun to watch and random baby!

  • mkmcelwee

    I like when Chuck scoots himself over to the side to get out of the way of the crazies 🙂

  • mrscronkright

    Favorite part by far would have to be the shot of Tyrant and Julio… the caption; “Julio, Friend… with benefits”. It’s priceless and made me LOL at work. I’m holding you responsible if I get fired for this!

  • dulcenea

    I love the HR-actionable moment at around 3:00! Why must you torture that beautiful man?!

  • Wiz

    Great video!

  • anna0264

    My favorite part was definitely watching Jon and Leta dancing together. They are two peas in a pod-! But overall, the fact that your family and friends get together to dance around like fools and laugh and have a great time is the best part of this whole giveaway. What a fantastic memory!

  • maybewithme

    The best part was when Marlo made her appearance with the words “Some Random Baby” on the the screen! hahah!

  • aheinzer

    it’s a toss up between the twins dancing in unison and Jon’s moves.

  • Jeanine

    I got a laugh from watching your BIL in the background “mocking” Jon’s moves.

  • Penelope

    This. Is. Awesome. I cannot pick a favorite part of the video, so top three:

    1.) Every single time adorable Leta is dancing.

    2.) The “anyone know a good HR lawyer” part.

    3.) Jon *trying* to dance.

  • cataltmaier

    John dancing is hilarious. Sadly, he’s got more rhythm than my husband.

  • Reba323

    Definitely all the ass shaking. From everyone. And the embarrassment all around.

  • PeggyMomma

    My favorite part(s) were all the freaking happppy laughs on all these people. Heather’s dance moves could only be enhanced if she did some “Elaine thumbs” from Seinfield! Loved it

  • abazoe

    In your video, it’s clear that everyone’s enjoying watching the players. I love the fact that the act of playing a video game, which is supposed to be so “isolating” is, in fact, a social, community event. Yay!

  • shane

    You will not believe this, but I have never used a Wii, xbox, or any of these other new fangled video games…. and I REALLY WANT TO! The last video game I played was Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo!!!

  • VegasNative

    I loved all of the Dance Central parts. That is my favorite game in all of recorded history!

  • jamie1577

    Best part, Jon. That tin man needed some grease for his joints! Fantastic video!

  • WebSavyMom

    –>That looks like so much fun!

  • houpley

    hilarious! was tyrant lassoing? did i conjugate that verb correctly? either way my fave part!

  • meema92

    I think my favorite part was when your husband and daughter were dancing together. They really are sweet. I also thought that you dance really well. I have no rhythm in my body.

  • AshleyBurns

    The Avon World Sales leader jumping straight up in the air was great! Made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • mrice1215

    I LOVE Leta dancing and flailing her arms in the robot. She looks better than me attempting the robot!

  • Theresa

    Leta’s intensity and spasms crack me up!

  • chicdeac

    Jon dancing may be one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen

  • Kathi BG

    my favorite part? “some random baby” and Leta dancing her heart out. your kids are too damn cute. But where were the dogs? they should of been in there dancing too 🙂

  • beckstar

    I think this would make a great holiday advertisement – it clearly brings the whole family together. Favorite part: the butt move. you should be really proud of that. Jon is a lucky man.

  • Kristie D.

    My favorite part of this video is how completely unamused Chuck is about the whole thing. Oh, and Jon’s attempt at dancing 🙂

  • labradoris

    That was probably one of my most favorite videos you’ve ever made. Awesome. My favorite part was when you titled Julio: Friends, With Benefits. 😉

    Also, mad dancing skills from everyone. That looks like such a fun game platform! I would be ecstatic if I won! I pinky-swear with the internet that if I win, you can come tape my family doing this. My SO has one dance move, and his friends call it, “The Dance of the Dead White Fish.” Trust me. It’d be worth seeing on video.

  • Phoo-D

    My favorite part was the random baby. What a fun video with the whole fam. Love it!

  • abolam

    Loves it. Makes our family game nights playing Bunko look really lame.

  • MissyG

    A favorite part? Hmm…has to be you getting your butt spanked with the added benie of a future HR suit if needed. Haha!

  • carolinagirl5132

    I loved seeing your family (all ages, big & small) laughing and having such a great time doing something together.

  • starrcliff

    The “some random baby” made me laugh!

  • starrcliff

    The “some random baby” made me laugh!

  • NicoleC1181

    That video definitely made my day! My fav part? Your butt, of course!

  • theghosher

    This is amazing. I’m normally a PlayStation type of guy, but this by itself could get me to switch over. My 4-year-old would love it and I think my wife would too. This would be a fantastic experience during the doldrums of winter! Thanks for doing this Heather and Jon!

  • JolieJJD

    Loved every part of the video!!
    The twins ROCK!!
    But my favorite thing, is to watch people that probably have “controlled” lives, get up and make an ass of themselves!

  • MalloryLayne

    I love your dancing around 2:16. It reminds me of It’s Always Sunny when Dee is dancing on the boat and the boys tell her she looks like one of those inflatable people at car dealerships.–ak7MBe4

  • emilyhall81

    Fun video!! Around the 2 min mark little Marlo gets really excited and throws her hands up. Too cute!

  • Floyd

    That looks like major fun. My favorite part has to be with John and Leta dancing together. They are definitely your own twins.

  • frostyartist

    My favorite Parts: Leta’s idea of dancing–> Shaking her hands and jumping up and down in a way that makes her look like she just picked a booger and is trying to shake it off! Oh and Jon looking like he was about to fall in a hole the way he was dancing… Wait? was that dancing or fear of persecution? LOL So funny! Thanks for sharing that I know all your guests will be happily mortified that millions have now got to enjoy their utter humiliation! thanks!

  • mom2werogers

    LOVE the video! Thanks for sharing. And the commercials for those things already made me desperately want one. Please oh please let it be my lucky day!

  • crazymommy

    I’d have to say it’s a toss up between the cameo appearance by the Avon World Sales Leader (looking pretty fab) and Jon’s awkwardness. But I do love that your whole family was able to be involved in the same activity and it looks like everyone had a BLAST!

  • NicoleC1181

    That video definitely made my day! My fav part? Your butt, of course!

  • chaosx2

    Any scene with those twins!! Hilarious!

  • TheAnnaG

    If this was a content based content, I would say that my favorite part is the cameo by your ass…

    And while I think your ass is fabulous,

    my favorite part of the video is Leta’s “Swatting-Gnat” approach to the game.

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