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The face of making a difference

A few months ago after I returned from Bangladesh and posted some of the portraits I had taken, artist Kristina Havens came up with a brilliant idea. She had painted a portrait of Leta that I featured in my Daily Style section, and many of you commissioned work after witnessing such talent. She was inspired by some of my portraits and the work that Every Mother Counts is trying to accomplish, so she asked if she could paint a few and then auction them off to help this cause.

This is the crux of how I think massive change can happen: not all of us can get on a plane to Africa to train a midwife or build a well. Those who can just need the resources. Here is an artist wanting to make some bit of difference, and she can do so by doing what she does best. All proceeds from the auction of these paintings (minus the auction site fees) will go to the marathon fundraising effort of Every Mother Counts, an organization that can help provide the resources.

The portraits (five in all) are stunning, and you can see them all here at the auction site. I am so honored to be even marginally associated with this.

Here are just a few of the details:

Untitled (Children of Bangladesh) detail 2

Untitled (Children of Bangladesh) detail 2

"Every Mother Counts" - detail

"Balance" detail

Kristina Havens with paintings

We anticipated that there might be some questions, so here are the answers to a few:

How much of the winning bid goes to charity?
Almost 100%…a small percentage covers site fees.

Do I need an account to bid?
Yes – you will need a DailyPaintworks account to bid.

How do I pay for my art?
The winning bid can be paid thru Paypal.

Can someone out bid me at the last minute?
DailyPaintworks is different from Ebay – the auction does not close until five minutes has passed from the last placed bid. If you currently have the high bid and someone outbids you, you will get a notification e-mailed to you.

Do I get a tax credit for my winning bid?
No.  You get your beautiful original work of Art!

What time zone is “CDT”?
Central Daylight Time. Currently one hour behind EST.

Again, you can find them all here. The auction will close on October 20th at 6:PM CDT.

I also wanted to update you guys about the money we as a community raised plus the money Yahoo! donated to Save the Children (see here and here). We asked if they could allocate these funds specifically to the plight of women in Bangladesh, and these are the trainees who through our contributions have been selected to become midwives.

Kela Rani Nath

Name: Kela Rani Nath
Age: 38
Village: Solury
Post: Kakailseo
Sub district: Ajmiriganj

Farzana Rahman Moniya

Name: Farzana Rahman Moniya
Age: 23
Village: Modhapara
Post: Jalsukha
Sub district: Ajmiriganj

Miss Kokiya Sultana

Name: Miss Kokiya Sultana
Age: 21
Village: Noyanogor
Post: Ajmiriganj
Sub district: Ajmiriganj

Many thanks to all of your for being so awesome. This right here will save lives.

  • bmarten

    These are so beautiful!! What a great idea, I would love one for my home.


  • kturney

    The link is not working. These are beautiful!

  • Amanda Patchin


  • dooce

    @kturney thanks, FIXED!

  • lizneilvoss

    Uhm, not to be nitpicky, but CDT would be one hour behind EDT, not EST 🙂

    This is amazing. I love everything that you are accomplishing, and encouraging others to accomplish.

  • Irina


  • Mindy Lee

    This post made me cry in the best way ever. Proud of you, Heather. You are making a difference.

  • semele

    Dammit, Heather. I just bid on one of these beautiful, for-a-good-cause paintings. I’ll probably win it and you know what? I have no place to put it. My walls are full. My husband’s gonna be pissed when I tell him it’s your fault we need to buy a house with more walls.

  • Rivercat0338

    The paintings are wonderful, and the trainees are gorgeous! Thank you for putting names and faces to the cause.

  • Margie

    Holy cow. This is exactly how it is done, and many wows for making it happen. The artwork is beautiful, the donation is incredibly inspiring, and the results of the community donations are beyond amazing. Wow. Well done.

  • rivervision

    These are beautiful paintings! I wish I could bid on one.

    Right now I am lucky to be working with a group of science teachers from all over the world.. one being from Bangladesh. He said he has 60 students in his classroom! Sometimes he has electricity, other times he doesn’t. It boggles my mind, having 60 students.

    -Brooke, in Logan.

  • slappyintheface


    I am so jealous of gifted people who can use art to bring emotions.

  • HHarris

    I rarely comment on blogs because I feel like what I say after what has been written seems insignificant. This one calls to me though, maybe because I had my 3rd baby with a midwife in the comfort of my own home. What an incredible gift for the women of India. I am moved. Moved by the generosity of people, moved by the art, moved by the benevolence that I see in their eyes. Moved by what will happen for expectant mother’s in that region. How beautiful.

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