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Friday Under Fifty

Normally I’d complain and moan about the fact that Thanksgiving is next week, but you know what it means? That the marathon is over! It’s so easy to trick my dumb brain.

We’re having dinner with Jon’s side of the family this year, and his mother likes everyone to dress up for the meal. Alas, that means I have to shower, brush my hair and ditch the gym clothes. I’ll probably go with an outfit like this one, sort of casual but not so much that his mother will tell me I look homeless (let’s be honest, I normally do).

1. Urban Expressions Chelsea Clutch

2. Better U Ribbed Muscle Toning Tights

3. Leatherette Wrap Bracelet

4. Architectural Structure Geometric Gold Ring

5. Gold Orchid Bracelet

6. Bakers Womens Jacquie Ankle Bootie

7. Women’s wide-pleat skirt

8. Colour block t-shirt

Heather B. Armstrong

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