the smell of my desperation has become a stench

New Tunes – Chris Bathgate

The theme of a lot of the therapy I’ve been doing for myself lately is getting to a place where I embrace my emotions instead of feeling guilty about them or shoving them off to the side so that they don’t cause problems. My therapist is like, feeling crazy? Go crazy. Feeling sad? Cry. Reclusive? Hide in the bathtub.

Just don’t fight any of it. Let it happen.

Maggie played me this song over the weekend and it fits in nicely with this process. The artist, Chris Bathgate, is from Michigan and this song is as stripped down and bare as the line across the water of the lakes that surround it.

do what’s easy
steal every red cent out of the wishing well
smoke cigarettes until your chest rattles like hell
just do what’s easy

waste every evening
don’t ever read and don’t ever write
never leave home and get drunk every night
just do what’s easy

hate completely
let every wall feel the force of your fist
forget your debts cause forgiveness exists
just do what’s easy

Heather B. Armstrong

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