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Specs green sunglass case

About a month ago I downsized my purse for a few reasons, the main one being that I was tired of lugging around a whole bunch of unnecessary crap. Six different lip balms? HEATHER. You are carrying six different lip balms on the ten minute trip to pick up a chicken for dinner. Those lip balms have seen more of Salt Lake City than most of its residents.

When I changed purses I had to get rid of the giant hard case that came with my sunglasses because it just wouldn’t fit into the smaller space. This Jonathan Adler hand-stitched needlepoint case was a much-loved birthday present and not only protects my sunglasses but also takes up almost no room in my purse. Sunglasses are a year-round necessity in Utah because of the snow, so I will use this thing until it falls apart. And then I’ll recycle it into a pillowcase. You just watch me get crafty.

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