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When the snowstorm won’t relent

It’s been snowing on and then off and then on again for about four days, and the mess melts during the day only to refreeze at night. Winter boots here are a wardrobe staple even if you work in an office that requires pantyhose and heels. You’ve got a pair of these in your car. My own are about eight years old and nearing the end of their usefulness, so I went window shopping.

1. Women’s Merona® Naima Winter Boot $38.24

2. Trystan Rain Boot $98

3. Sperry Top-Sider $98

4. Sorel Women’s Helen Of Tundra II Boot $119.90

5. Chooka Top Solid Boot $65

6. Lucky Women’s Orland Boot $74.25

7. Timberland Women’s Mount Holly Tall Duck Knee-High Boot $170

8. Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Reserve Boot $121.86

9. Hunter Watling Lace up Full Knee Rain Boots $160

10. Columbia Women’s Minx™ Mid Omni-Heat Boot $120

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