the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Stuff I found while looking around

New Interactive Street Art from Ernest Zacharevic

Woman dances like nobody is watching at LAX Airport, and my, how she can dance.

– James Brown gives you dancing lessons.

20 Ridiculous Photos Of Male Models

100 All-Time Greatest Sports Photos

– “From turkey, chicken, duck, peafowl, pheasant, partridge, and even quail eggs, Beth Ann Magnuson carefully hand-carves and etches intricate lace-like patterns on a clean blown shell using a high speed drill.”

– By far one of the best accounts on Instagram. See: this.

Marrying at 100

– How My Foolproof Scientific System Got Us Onto The Price Is Right

2012. 366 days. 366 seconds.

Famous Resolution Lists: Jonathan Swift, Susan Sontag, Marilyn Monroe, Woody Guthrie

– Oh, Florida: Daytona Beach, 1970s/1980s

– Nasa marks 50 years of space photography – in pictures

– Big Hair, No Sitting, Velcroed To Your Pillow: What It’s Like To Live Weightlessly

The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway

Sage advice for 2013

A few of my favorite recent tweets:

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