the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Signs of a real dog

Tyrant was nice enough to housesit and take care of Chuck and Coco while I was away last week, and he made good use of the small guest room seen here that we have on the second floor, the floor of the house that Chuck normally avoids. Yesterday morning before I took the girls to camp I ran upstairs to grab something and found Chuck lying next to the door of the guest room, his body pressed all the way up against it. A show of loyalty to Tyrant.

What a fucker.

When I opened the door he hopped right up and snuggled on the bed.

Sorry, but, how long have I loved and fed and walked and TAKEN CARE OF HIS EVERY NEED? Where is his curled up body against MY door? I am so going to balance a giant appliance on top of his head for this.

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