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New tunes

I decided that instead of featuring just one band when discovering new tunes that I’d gather up some of the tracks I’ve been listening to on repeat during the last week. More music and musicians to explore, or I guess ignore if music isn’t your thing. And if it’s not, that’s okay. I just hope that there is something in your life that brings you as much joy as songs like these bring me. And that whatever it is isn’t illegal. And if it is that you don’t get caught.


Website: kaskademusic.com
Twitter: @kaskade


Track: “Something Something”


Website: yeasayer.net
Twitter: @yeasayer

Odd Blood

Track: “Madder Red”


Moving Mountains
Website: movmou.com
Twitter: @movmou

Moving Mountains (LP+MP3)

Track: “Hands”


San Cisco
Website: sancisco.com
Twitter: @sanciscomusic

San Cisco

Track: “Beach”


Dan Croll
Website: dancroll.com
Twitter: @dancrollmusic

From Nowhere EP

Track: “From Nowhere”

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