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– Flickr stream of Ólafur Már Sigurðsson from Iceland, such a beautiful, distant world

2013 Movie Trailer Mashup

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A British Teacher’s Archive of Confiscated Toys

– For my kids: 10 super simple party stunts

A Writer’s Guide To Keeping Sane:

Think about it this way: if you weren’t worrying about writing, you’d probably be worrying about serious things that actually matter. So maybe writing is keeping you sane by distracting you from worse things.

– Super fun portfolio: Scott Spark Illustration

– I am absolutely in love with Jordan’s bedroom makeover.


Homeland Vintage Album Art Covers

20 most overplayed songs of 2013, one minute mashup

– Oh my sweet dear lord, herding dogs.

How I Write: James McBride, The New National Book Award Winner For Fiction:

I still write my first 20-30 pages longhand. Then I move to the computer, or I’ll type it—I still use a typewriter, too. I used to use a typewriter a lot more. I needed it early in my career. The computer makes you rewrite and just hit the “insert” key. The insert key is deadly for a writer. You really have to push forward, know you’re going to discard and rewrite everything. Man, I rewrite everything. Even emails I rewrite.

Just what DOES the fox say?

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