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Curried cream of broccoli soup

This week in my ongoing adventures in the kitchen I looked in my fridge again for what I had on hand, did a quick google search and landed on this flavorful broccoli soup recipe from nom nom paleo. I’ve been a huge fan of Michelle Tam since I started eating this way almost three years ago, and her book Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans is a fixture in my kitchen. She’s got such an easy-going and conversational way of explaining what she’s cooking and gives me a lot of hope that one day my kids will come around to eating something other than food that is tan and frozen.

Yes, I chose to make another soup, but again. It’s cold outside and this is such a comforting meal. I threw in some grilled chicken and topped it off with some tomatoes, and my god the smell in the house was divine. I didn’t necessarily set out to start cooking more this year, but now that I’m in the kitchen more I realize that I want to give my kids more memories of the aromas of meals. I tried to get Marlo to try this, but alas, it is green. I’ll add some organic tan food coloring to it next time.

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