Stuff I found while looking around


– Photographer Benjamin Hole

– Shots of Lisa Congdon and Clay Walsh’s home in Anthologie Mag

– I cannot believe that this is real: Snowstorm Spawns Most Hilariously Comprehensive Forecast Ever

– I hope to god that this is real: honest and to the point

Ban Bossy

– A heartwarming military reunion facilitated by Ellen. “SURPRISE!”

The Hounding Of A Young Gay Writer:

He is unusual, in as much as his journey into gay life from religious fundamentalism inevitably makes his take on being gay a very particular – and fascinating – one. But guess what? Millions of gay people are born and brought up in fundamentalist Christian environments and families. Understanding their lives and finding a place for them in the world is something we should be striving to achieve rather than attempting to snuff out.

– Hal Douglas – six of the best trailers from the voiceover king

Illustrated iconic musician outfits

The International Sounds of Eating

This is what happens when you put dogs in a photo booth

This has been my favorite thing on the Internet for almost a month now, and every night Leta asks me to play it “just one more time” before she goes to sleep. Thank you, Helen Jane.

Nirvana for two-year-olds

The secret vocabulary of New York’s finest drinking establishments

– Stanley Kubrick’s daughter shares photos of herself growing up on her father’s film sets

Answering the Dreaded “So, What Do You Do?” Question:

The power of visualization lies in closing the gap between your future narrative and any current narratives when you imagine in detail by picturing the steps it will take to accomplish your goals.

– The whole time I watched this I mumbled “holy shit” over and over again.


– A few of my favorite recent tweets: