the smell of my desperation has become a stench

During piano lessons

Last Thursday night after dropping Leta off at her piano lessons Marlo and I drove over to Liberty Park to feed the ducks. Yeah, I know, most of those birds are geese, but ducks are discussed in childhood stories, songs and games far more than your average goose.

“Look at all the ducks!” she said.

“Most of these are geese, but yeah. I see some ducks.”

“THEY ARE ALL DUCKS,” she shot back.

Who up and made her an ornithologist, I do not know, but I am smart enough not to argue with her.

“You are totally right,” I concurred. “All of these birds that are obviously geese are in fact ducks.”

Interesting fact, both birds will not “come here” when a four-year-old is chasing after them.

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