the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Feeling like the final scene in Grease

It’s been about a month since I placed those yellow hand-dipped vases on my kitchen table, and since then I’ve been noticing the color almost everywhere. Not that I was color blind before and unable to see yellow, but because I’m drawn to how it makes me feel. I’m zeroing in on it. I’m sure design experts would scoff at the idea that this hue is making me feel calmer. It is not sea foam. It is not a soft aqua or a pale green. It is not the color of Xanax.

But it does embody the anticipation I feel about upcoming weeks of sun and warmth, an anticipation that is hopeful. Yeah. That’s it. It’s hopeful and bright and so much like the feeling of the days leading up to school letting out for summer break. I love it.

1. Tiana B Women’s Sleevless Flare Dress $54

2. Large Face Slim Strap Watch $37.64

3. Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow $21

4. Lacquered Organic Bamboo Mortar & Pestle $34

5. Ray-Ban Foldable Wayfarer Sunglasses $254.06

6. Keds Champion Seasonal Solid $45

7. Jonathan Adler Owl Keychain $15.54

8. Nine West Tatiana $79

9. Stackable Tray Jewelry Box $50

10. Kate Spade ‘Six Month Dot’ Scarf $98

11. Diamond Canary 4 x 6 indoor/outdoor rug $138

12. Felt Square Pillow Cover $24.99

13. Anne Klein Shopper Small Shoulder Bag $37.39

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