Status report

While I was in California over the weekend, Tyrant’s good friend Julio (he’s my good friend as well) took care of both dogs. He loves these pups and continued to feed Chuck the probiotics we’re using to try to cure him of his, ahem, problem. When I returned on Monday the report was that Chuck had not farted once all weekend. Success! Right?!


Not 20 minutes after receiving this report Chuck walked right up to me and gifted me his fart. Like, glad you’re home, THIS IS FOR YOU. And then he farted for the next two hours.

I’m going to practice being a person who sees the glass half full here. Watch this: it’s like when kids see their mom at the end of a school day and suddenly feel comfortable enough to fall apart and cry. He see me and thinks, THANK GOD, I can finally release the air from my butt.