The fearless one

Yesterday we spent hours exploring all the summer rides and activities up at Snowbird including the bungee trampolines. We had to wait in line for some time (and the guys whose job it was to man these contraptions were a little too vocal about disliking their jobs, ahem) but when it came time for our turn Marlo went nuts. They had five minutes to go wild, and she spent the entire five minutes trying to turn a backflip. At four minutes and thirty seconds she nailed it and then spent thirty straight seconds doing backflips. I got a little dizzy just watching her.

There are times when she shows caution, usually… wait. I can’t think of any times when she shows caution. None. Oh, wait. She doesn’t like flies. She runs away from flies. But everything else in life she just attacks with total abandon. I had her in my lap on the alpine slide and we were going lighting fast down that track. But not fast enough for her. She screamed over and over again, “FASTER! FASTER!” We do live in Utah, so if I’m raising an adrenaline junkie then she has got quite the playground.

That dimple, for heaven’s sake. I might just forgive her for keeping me awake for two straight nights.