Grade K

Marlo, my baby girl, my Lil Donette, she started kindergarten today. Once we got to school and she entered the classroom she was happy and her nerves had eased. But while getting ready this morning she was a bit skeptical. Would she know anyone? Would she have to do homework? What if someone touched her puppy purse? I talked her through each worry while simultaneously talking Leta through her own anxiety over math homework and piano practice and UGH THERE IS SO MUCH WORK.

Once we had all piled into the car and made sure they both had all of their things—backpack, lunchbox, folders, pencil boxes, glasses, puppy purse—I had us all take a giant, deep breath. And then before I turned on the radio to one of their favorite stations I turned around to the backseat and asked, “Who is on your team?”

They both pointed at me, and this expression you see here of skepticism and worry slowly melted away just as their shoulders relaxed down from their ears.

I will give to them what my mother always gave to me: an outstretched hand, a partner, someone with a clear view of the goal that they can pass the ball to.

Major milestone today. Here we go.