Dog days

Right now it’s a sultry 88 degrees outside, and I’m not so sure this is out of character for Utah. It is still summer, and winter usually hits without warning driving the temperature down a good 40 degrees overnight. Utah is fun that way, much like an unpredictable asshole is fun.

The girls will not have many of these warm days at school, and from the very short walk from school to the car today they both complained of the oppressive heat: this is no fun at all! Life as a white person in a developed country is intolerable, you guys.

I’ve waited to buy any fall/winter clothing until the temperature really does begin to show significant change because both girls are growing so fast these days, especially Leta. She gets the same ache in her legs that I would get when suffering growing pains, shooting up from her ankles through the back of her calves. And the clothing I bought Marlo at the beginning of the summer is already too small. She put a shirt on yesterday that barely covered her belly button and I was like, um, no. This isn’t the South. You may have very close ancestors who would wipe the excess barbecue sauce from their fingers onto their exposed gut. But that is not how we do. At least not anymore.

The dogs don’t mind the weather at all, especially Chuck who would move to the middle of the desert and sun bathe with tin foil and baby oil. Coco is jut glad to be outside where one of us might throw something in the air.

Summer isn’t over yet. Not until that unpredictable asshole says so.