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Savoring the last minutes

Yesterday we finally turned the heat on in the house, although not too high at night as my girls seem to prefer sleeping in a colder room like I do. TANGENT: there have been so many times in the last couple of months when I’ve walked in to get Marlo up for school and she’s lying there with her footed pajamas unzipped all the way down to her knees. I’d always warn her when we were getting dressed for bed that it wasn’t cold enough yet for those pajamas, and she’d insist that she’d be fine to the point of refusing any other pajamas. And every single morning she’d greet me with, “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WEAR THESE.”

It didn’t snow yesterday, at least not in the valley, but it did drizzle a bit and Chuck did his usual dance outside. When it rains Chuck looks like he is going to step on a nail or a trap or a land mine. I took this shot last week while they were lounging outside during lunchtime. Very soon to be a distant memory.

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