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Gifts with a bit of loving touch

I recently teamed up with a fantastic new marketplace for independent artists called GREAT.LY, a new global platform that allows me to browse a huge assortment of handmade products and curate them into a boutique which then gives those artists a little more exposure. I have yet to make my way through the the entirety of the inventory (new products are added every day), but some of what I love is featured here in this guide for handmade gifts.

If you’re an independent artist looking for another marketplace to sell your work, definitely check them out. Let me know if you do because I’d love to check out your work, too.

1. Let’s Get It On Pillow by Caitlin Halberstadt $60

2. Wooden Toy Camera $35

3. Origami Crane Ornament Set by Kristen Shearon $18

4. Wool Felt iPad Case $19

5. Blueberries Woven Lambswool Blanket by Jen Taylor $250

6. Gold Foil Matches by Stacy Altiery $6

7. Old Book’s Scented Candle $15

8. Pelmet Mini Bowl by Jill Rosenwald $84

9. 2015 MMXV Letterpress Wall Calendar $32

10. Seble Scarf $58

11. Gray Leather Zip Pouch $50

12. DIY Farmer’s Cheese Kit $10

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