the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Well, what do you know

Marlo woke up early this morning screaming that her left ear was killing her. I couldn’t get her to calm down, so after we dropped Leta off at school I took her to the walk-in clinic at her pediatrician’s office. Turns out that last’s week’s illness created the perfect environment for an ear infection. Of course it did!

She was weak this morning but perked up enough this afternoon to build a tent and put on her Elsa costume. In fact, she was singing songs earlier and actively interrupting me with jokes during a phone call, so the antibiotics may have already started working their magic. We will see what tomorrow brings, but at this point I would not be surprised if I woke up and an actual alien was bursting out of her stomach.

Also, look who’s keeping watch over her sheep.

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