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New Tunes

Some years are better than others when it comes to new music, and I was afraid that 2015 was going to be a terrible disappointment. However, while answering email (one email generates 1,700 more, at least, and that’s being conservative), I started browsing new releases from the past few months and I’m listening to everything here, grinning at the prospect of summer, all of the windows rolled down and having uptight white Mormons mumble a tsk tsk at a stoplight because the sound in my car is shaking theirs. 2015 is going to be just fine.


Website: Tanlines Internet
Twitter: @tanlines

Track: “Slipping Away”

Young Fathers
Website: Young Fathers
Twitter: @youngfathers

Track: “Shame”

Tame Impala
Website: Tame Impala
Twitter: @tameimpala

Track: ‘Cause I’m a Man

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Website: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Twitter: @umo

Track: “Multi-Love”

Of Monsters and Men
Website: Of Monsters and Men
Twitter: @monstersandmen

Track: “Crystals”

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