the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Happy 10th, Coco, you old lady!

On January 2, 2008, I made the most horrible decision of my life when I brought home a miniature Australian Shepherd to live with my family. Most of you know immediately that you should not take that statement seriously. But those of you who witness my day-to-day are nodding furiously and trying really hard to remember a single day of my life when this dog didn’t have me on the verge of a heart attack.


A few days before at the very end of 2007 I got to meet Dame Eleanor Ritzford-Fitzsimons Puffs at a park where she was playing in the snow with three of the other five puppies in her litter, the only litter her parents would ever have. And of the three there that day I, of course, pointed to the craziest one and said, “Let’s let her ruin my life!” The other two turned out to be incredibly chill animals. I chose the one who despite thousands of dollars worth of training still likes to dart through my legs out the front door to scream at innocent people in running shoes.

AN ASIDE, NOT A TANGENT. I REPEAT, NOT A TANGENT: The first time Coco’s trainer came over for a training session it took her less than 20 minutes to realize just what was wrong with this dog after Coco had performed a simple task for her and then immediately refused to perform a simple task for me. She belly laughed and said, “Oh, so this is what’s goin’ on. We’ve got ourselves a bitch fight.”

Where the word “fight” sounded more like “faught.”

“A what?” I said trying to understand.

“She knows she’s in control, and she’s not about to give that up to you.” And here the “you” meant “another woman”. I heeded every piece of advice that trainer ever gave to me, and to this day I am the only person who can walk into my house without causing Coco’s brain to explode all over the wall. Wait for the video.


Coco turned ten years old this past Sunday, October 22, 2017. She was born a week after I suffered a devastating miscarriage, and I know with absolute certainty that my decision to adopt her stemmed from my longing to fill that void. I had no idea what chaos awaited me—for starters, it took over four months to housebreak that dog, and not because she’s an idiot. Her herding and guarding instincts were so intense even at that age that she would be so concentrated on making sure the house wasn’t under attack that she’d forget to head to the door when the urge hit her. Like, guess what, guys? Good news. I can account for the safety of every person under my care. However, I just pooped my pants.

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Her arrival taught me what it was like to live with an actual dog and made me realize that with Chuck we’d been living with a cat. Chuck was temperamental and could hold a grudge better than any celebrity housewife, whereas Coco vacillates between the following two moods:

Mood A. Do You Hear Me Barking My Head Off And Sending A Jolt Of Electricity Down Heather’s Spine? Good. I Mean Business And I Will Murder You If You Come Within An Inch Of My People.

Mood B. Here, Let Me Roll Over And Show You My Belly And Lick Your Hand Because I Love You More Than Anyone Else In The World And Would Take A Bullet For You.

That’s it. Just those two. “Grudge” does not exist in Coco’s vocabulary. Marlo’s birth irritated the crap out of Chuck. Like, really? You voluntarily produced another breathing animal with whom I have to share air? Whereas Marlo’s birth filled Coco with pride. Like, they love me so much that they gave me another sheep!

I haven’t ever celebrated her birthday, and a few months ago when I realized, whooooaaaaa. Coco is turning 10 years old this year—yes, for those of you who remember when I brought her home, you’re getting old!—I decided I should do something. So I called up my friends at CANIDAE® and asked if they’d like to partner with me and offer some coupons and help host a giveaway. They said yes before I’d even finished my sentence. Coco’s been eating CANIDAE® since the day I brought her home, and I love that they are so willing to be a part of this. Coco is still eating CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Grain Free dog food that I introduced to her back in May. Each CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Grain Free recipe is made with a variety of farm-fresh ingredients and an assortment of fruits and vegetables, and none contain corn, wheat, or soy. So, they go over really well in Brooklyn.

Coincidentally, they recently started growing their own fresh ingredients and established CANIDAE® Farms in Kansas with the help of an independent family farmer named Clint Brauer. Clint shares their commitment to high quality ingredients and sustainable practices:

No-till farming, maintaining sheep on site to provide natural fertilizer, forward-thinking technology to control weeds and pests, and time-tested methods to build soil quality—are just part of our shared vision with Clint. We want to partner with nature rather than work against it.

You can learn more about CANIDAE® Farms here.

CANIDAE® would like to give away three gift bags full of CANIDAE® swag including treats, a t-shirt, coffee mug, water bottle, and a small bag of food. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and I will randomly choose three winners when I close the comments on Thursday night at 9PM MST. I’ll email the winners and then update the post on Friday.

CANIDAE® is also offering you guys $10 in coupons.

Before leaving a comment, though—and if you do, I’d love to hear a crazy story about your own pet— maybe take a moment to remember some of the beautiful chaos Dame Eleanor has brought to this world, to my family and to you through my words. Like, the time Coco saved Chuck from the consequences of his constant pacing, the time I let her chase actual sheep and at one point joined her, her sad attempt at stealing Chuck’s bone, the time she finally learned to avoid rattlesnakes, the time she went missing and I realized, oh no, I really love this dog, and that time she got a foxtail in her ear and I sent the text message, “Also, Coco is a bigot.”

Also, I have put together a slideshow of some of my favorite photos from her life going back to that day in January of 2008 when I brought her home and blew up my life in the best possible way. Happy birthday, Coco, you wonderfully harebrained canine.

Break out the tissues for this one, folks. I’m glad she chose me.

Many thanks to Vince Chao, aka Chairman Chao, for the soundtrack, “Hurry Do It”. AIDITAY. IWAFLY.

And thank you, CANIDAE®, for making the best food I could possibly give that dog.


  • Loulou Arnold Thome

    2017/10/24 at 3:04 pm

    Happy birthday, Coco!

    Our dog is three, and her name is Dame President Phoebe Business Thome, Attorney at Paw and Mother of All Dragons. Because she’s royalty AND an elected official. She takes her job very seriously, as all dogs of import should.

  • Dona Perkins

    2017/10/24 at 3:05 pm

    Happy Birthday, crazy Coco! I have a deaf dog named Finn who used to spin in circles and bark and paw and dig at the ground. I don’t know if he could feel the vibrations of traffic, power lines, or just ants tunneling but his first year here resulted in a multitude of holes in our backyard. Gotta love the crazy though, especially the furry kind! 🙂

  • Lora

    2017/10/24 at 3:07 pm

    Behold, the story of Tucker. He is a seven year old black miniature poodle that I bought in a barn in Kentucky the year after I got married. He was the best training for parenthood there could ever be, because if there was anything within a three mile radius that Tucker should absolutely not eat…I think you know where this is going.
    The second New Year’s Eve as husband and wife we spent crouching in the shower floor coaxing hydrogen peroxide as an emetic into the adorable but unarguably dimwitted poodle who had just ingested half of a Vosges Haut Chocolat Red Fire bar. We rang in 2011 trying to console a vomiting poodle while cursing ourselves for being so stupid as to have acquired chocolate and not chained it to the top of the garage where he couldn’t get it.
    Fast forward two years and the very first person our daughter declares her love for, as I whisper, “say mama, say i love you mama” was…”I yuv oo, tucky”

  • Wendy

    2017/10/24 at 3:10 pm

    Happy Birthday Coco! My dog once ate horse poop…… that is all I have to say about him.

  • Angie

    2017/10/24 at 3:10 pm

    I have my own little neurotic, bark happy pup, Jake. He’s a rescue, so he’s a little wary of new people and is full of anxiety, just like me. He came into our life not long after I lost my beloved cat, Buddha. He was 14 and had been with me through so much. Jake has filled a hole in my heart, and I believe I’ve filled one in his. We both needed someone to love and I can’t imagine life without him. We’ve been feeding all our pets (Jake plus 3 cats) Canidae ever since you recommended it. ❤️

  • Helen C

    2017/10/24 at 3:27 pm

    Happy Birthday, Coco! Only dog story I have is our dog eats the kitty poop for dessert. Every.Single.Night. One less thing I need to clean, eh?

  • Amy

    2017/10/24 at 3:38 pm

    Ahh; My pup Is 6 and she is very like Coco in the greeting everyone at the door thing. Happy Birthday Coco!!!!

  • Kelly Planer

    2017/10/24 at 3:58 pm

    Happy Birthday to Coco! I love dogs because they elevate the mood at home.

    I was so happy when, in may, we adopted two terrier/husky mixes (I know. Try not to think about it)… Burt Lancaster and Bob Mackie are adorable 2-year old dogs who are as different as they are alike… and we love them (and feed them Canidae, so thanks for the coupons!)

  • Eileen Duhne

    2017/10/24 at 4:07 pm

    Happy birthday and many more, Coco!
    PS. Housebreaking … oh my, that was tough! My baby took a longggg time, and she still has moments of Glee Pee when she sees someone she really loves that hasn’t been here for a few days!

  • Jeanie

    2017/10/24 at 4:38 pm

    I can’t believe it’s been ten years! I actually remember when you brought her home. Happy birthday, Coco, you beautiful animal! Those were great pictures/video, and it was great seeing Chuck. He brought a little tear to my eyes.

  • Patty

    2017/10/24 at 4:51 pm

    Happy Birthday Coco!!
    Heather, I’ve been reading your blog since before Leta was a tadpole and still so enjoy your writing. And THANKS for messing up my mascara with that video. It was great to see Chuck again!
    We adopted a rescue terrier mix pup and named him Roo (as in Kanga and Roo). He killed me with his cuteness but is now killing my husband and I with his craziness. But I LOVES this dog like nobody’s business and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to our maddening furkids cause they’re everything <3

  • Stacy Wells Davies

    2017/10/24 at 4:54 pm

    My shelter dog also is 10 and has been eating Canidae for a few years. Heather Armstrong and Canidae are part of our routines around here I guess 🙂

  • Susan Scott

    2017/10/24 at 5:58 pm

    Happy birthday Coco! One of my crazy dogs, Pete, got a giant hat of peanut butter, chewed through the lid, and ate about a third of it.

  • Laura Tripp LaMonica

    2017/10/24 at 6:00 pm

    Happy birthday, Coco! I recently lost my oldest dog, a shelter shepherd mix with a seizure disorder who made it past 16 years old. A great feat for such a large dog. I used to joke that she was immortal. Grain free was all she could eat to keep from having constant seizures.
    I wish I could’ve afforded to give her Canidae her whole life. She was the first dog my husband and I adopted as a couple in our first house. Miss her.

  • Jennifer Schmidt Davis

    2017/10/24 at 6:10 pm

    I have a new girl-dog in our family who would love some swag.

    Thank you for sharing all your stories with us over the last “100 years”. I remember when you brought her home. 🙂

  • Taylor

    2017/10/24 at 6:15 pm

    happy birthday coco!!

  • Jaime Willis

    2017/10/24 at 6:52 pm

    Happy Birthday Cocoa! We have three nutter cats – twin tuxedo brothers and their younger all black cat brother, all rescues.

    We’ve been feeding them all Canidae their entire lives & expect them to live a super long healthy life.

    They have incredibly soft fur & haven’t had any health problems at all. Love my cats and love canidae food.

  • Marianne

    2017/10/24 at 8:10 pm

    Happy birthday, Coco! My dachshund Marmite, or as we call him, His Lowness, sends his best regards.

  • Alexis Black

    2017/10/24 at 8:34 pm

    10 years? Wow! We adopted a beagle last year after having had blue heelers for 15 years before that. This beagle is the devil. She refused to potty train. She barks constantly and won’t come when called. Devil. But the cutest thing ever.

  • Patricia H

    2017/10/25 at 12:14 am

    Our first dog, Flash, was a pit bull/border collie mix, according to the city animal shelter. He was a sleek black 70 pound love bug. Friendly with people and dogs.
    He loved to play hide and seek with my hubby and kids. The game was to have the hider throw the ball far out into the backyard, Flash would chase it and the human would race into the house and hide. It only took about 30 seconds for him to get the ball then find the person. The absolute joy and excitement on the dogs face when he found you and his ‘do it again’ dance still makes me smile. He passed in 2014 from cancer.

    We still have our other dog, Ringo. He tries hard to be a good dog, but he has issues with fear of new people, noises, dogs and lots of other things. He runs and hides when I cough, sneeze or burp. As I’ve had bronchitis the last 3 weeks, I haven’t seen a lot of him lately.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Coco. May you have many more.

  • Taylor Anderseck Goodwin

    2017/10/25 at 12:36 am

    Happy Birthday Coco! I am the mother of an English Bulldog in Maui. My boyfriend had always wanted one and I was finally convinced how great it would be. They love to cuddle, tend to be lazy, a nice chill dog. However, our Gus is not that bulldog. He hates to be held, only naps once he has exhausted your throwing arm and walked a few miles, and is afraid of trash bags. But the best Gus story is this one.
    Living next to the ocean, we got lucky and Gus does like the beach. So we decide to take the top and doors off the Jeep, drive down to one the more hard to get to beaches and plop the dog in the water. It’s sort of a long trip but all the way there no problem. He has a great time and gets his paws wet and tries to eat sand like he does. Time to head home, Gus is mostly resting in the back seat. He peeks out over the edges now and then but it’s mostly drooling and panting. Until we are about 10 minutes from home. Driving down the main road, maybe 30 MPH, Gus decides he is done with being in the Jeep. I peeked at him one second and he had his head over my side in the back, next second he has jumped over the side, while we are still moving! Luckily he was in his harness with the leash attached to the Jeep. So I screamed, Gus is hanging over the side of the Jeep looking up at me like “why didn’t I hit the ground?” and my boyfriend is yelling at me to find out what happened. I yell at him to pull over and lean out the open door to try and grab as much of my dog as I can and stay in the vehicle. We pull over get Gus back in and tighten up his leash to make sure he goes no where. And that was my first heart attack.
    Gus was fine, didn’t bark, whine or anything. He likes to go his own way, whether the car is moving or not. But he never gets that much play in his leash anymore!

  • Linda Mills

    2017/10/25 at 5:24 am

    I have a herding dog. His name is Rufus. Border Collie/Heeler mix. He is 1.5 years old and still losing his shit every time there are guests over. Everyone is his new best friend, and he will jump on you and nibble your hand so you will agree. He has no manner whatsoever in spite of my best efforts. He is happiest off the leash running through the meadow. I love him so much.

  • Kristen Meere

    2017/10/25 at 5:41 am

    Coco is a beautiful dog. I wish my dog had a much loyalty towards me. My dog treats everyone as if they’re her best friend and always seems disappointed when I pick her up from doggie day care.

  • Carrie Vollmer Brass

    2017/10/25 at 6:06 am

    happy birthday coco! what a crazy cute pup!

  • Andrea Green

    2017/10/25 at 6:44 am

    June: My youngest daughter moved to Fort Collins. My oldest daughter was studying abroad in Vienna. And we had to say good-bye to Copper, our dog of 12 years.
    My husband Pete and I agreed we weren’t going to get another dog. We were going to enjoy our empty nest.
    Although our nest wasn’t really empty…. we have Nina, a miniature schnauzer who was our inheritance from Pete’s grandma. So what’s another dog really???
    That’s how I started my plea deal with my resistant husband.
    Then, the Houston hurricane happened. Did you know over 100 dogs were moved to our local shelter?
    I did because it was in my Facebook newsfeed.
    All I did was click.
    Next thing you know, Facebook starts feeding me story after story from dog rescues.
    So I clicked. And I clicked. And I clicked.
    Then I see him. A blue eyed baby with the goofiest ears.
    And I have to have him.
    Those eyes! Those ears!
    I made all those juvenile promises to my husband. I’ll walk him. I’ll feed him. I’ll get up with him. I’ll pick up the poop! You won’t have to do a thing!
    Finally, I played my full hand. I explained to him how mamas gotta mom and with everyone leaving, there weren’t enough babies in the house.
    So we put in our application with Summit Dog Rescue.
    When selecting my rescue dog, I had definite requirements. Not too big (Wilson is 68 pounds and growing.) Not a lot of shedding (Oy! The hair already!) And I don’t do dog drool. (Yesterday I went into full crisis mode when he nuked my jeans.)
    We went to Boulder to meet him, and he leaned right into me as I pet him. What can I say?My list went out the window. I had to have him.
    While I identified him as my doggie true love, Wilson had his own ideas.
    Wilson loves Pete.
    He follows Pete everywhere. He waits at the garage door when Pete leaves. He sits by Pete while he works in the yard. In fact, he loves Pete so much, he tried to get in his lap when he was working out on the rower.
    Am I hurt he loves Pete? No. Because he knew. He’s a smart dog.
    All he needed to do is love up on the one who didn’t want another dog. How can anyone resist when a dog chooses you as his person?
    Now the entire household is putty in his paws.

  • REK981

    2017/10/25 at 7:01 am

    I have Titan, he is a border terrier mix, a.k.a., my Billy-Goat Cat-Dog. If it is within reach he will put it in his mouth. He is 5 now and will still eat crayons, receipts, kitty litter, leaves, and any possible food other than raw carrots and lettuce. As a chewing puppy (so the first FOUR years of his life) he managed to chew the center of a door jam. Once he is done eating he seeks out the sun spots and naps like a cat. He will sound the alarm for any movement outside, leaves, anyone taking a jog or walking their dogs. I adore him anyway. Happy Birthday Coco!!

  • REK981

    2017/10/25 at 7:04 am

    Oh My Goodness!!!

  • Christine

    2017/10/25 at 7:21 am

    Wow. 10 years! My pup turned 10 two months ago. I found your blog by accident when I came across the Chuck pot licking video, circa 2006. I’ve enjoyed every minute of our time together since. LOL

  • Abbie Toner

    2017/10/25 at 7:49 am

    Happy birthday Coco! We recently adopted a pit-mix named Lexi. She decided her mission in this life is to bury every single walnut from the tree in our backyard. She digs a hole for each one, and then carefully covers the hole with her snout. Someday we will have a walnut grove, but she is just so proud of herself I can’t bring myself to make her stop.

  • REK981

    2017/10/25 at 7:55 am

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Jennifer Kent

    2017/10/25 at 9:15 am

    My boxer, Malu, has been on Canidae ever since I first read about them on your blog. She loves it. I love that I’m giving her good food. Which is a win because her boxer stomach is sometimes hard to please. She’s turning 10 in February and has been such a fun dog. She’s certainly made life lively and more interesting. So much energy! She loves kids and has been the best dog I could have gotten to interact with my nieces and nephews. She goes insane if a mailman or UPS or FedEx delivery person approaches the house. She starts growling when she hears the trucks coming down the street. How does she know the difference between how they sound and all the other cars and trucks that drive by every day? Delivery people probably hate my house. She doesn’t get out, but if I’m home, she stations herself right by the wall of windows next to the front door and looks like a rabid animal trying to get to them. Little do they know how harmless she really is. Although she once refused to take her eyes off of a plumber that came to fix my sink and she just sat and stared and emitted a low growl at him the entire time he was at the house, no matter how hard he tried to befriend her. And every time the elderly lady across the street comes out of her house to get in her car, Malu does that same low growling at her. Who knows. Dogs are funny.

  • Heidi

    2017/10/25 at 9:16 am

    I am commenting for my sister Amelia, since I don’t own a dog. She owns the sweetest dog ever, a yellow lab named Ruby. Ruby is getting old but still loves to chase tennis balls, swim in the lake, and sleep in bed with my sister 🙂

  • Melissa Newberry

    2017/10/25 at 9:31 am

    Yay dog stories!

    My bichon frise hates pooping so much he cries sometimes before he poops. Then has to smell it when it come out. ?

  • Emily

    2017/10/25 at 10:29 am

    Happy 10th Coco! In June our family adopted a 4 year old rat terrier (who eats Canidae). She has the traditional terrier energy and I love her for it. The funniest thing she does is fart whenever she jumps. Every time she jumps on the couch or bed she cuts one on the way up. My six year old son giggles ever single time.

  • Kimberly Ann Hawley

    2017/10/25 at 2:43 pm

    Oh, Coco ~ such a perfect fit for you and your sheep…errr, girls. 😉 My mini dachshund (Fritz Von Frankenfurter, aka Buddy) flunked out of puppy school. Turns out that I am so laid back, he really thinks he owns the entire world. My dog is on Prozac now. Yes, my dog. Walking and training and crying in my closet (me ~ the dog isn’t allowed in the closet) didn’t help, but a small dose of Prozac and he’s almost like a normal dog! He sleeps! He eats! He poops outside! He only very occasionally pees inside! Woot! He’s not Chuck-level cat, but I do call him cat-dog, since he loves to walk on the back of the couch and he can’t be arsed to come when he’s called. (Or really do anything that is typical dog…but I digress….) He’s been eating Blue Buffalo since he came home with me, but I’d be willing to give Canidae a try.

  • KristenfromMA

    2017/10/25 at 2:56 pm

    Great names! 😀

  • Vampyre

    2017/10/25 at 4:06 pm

    We have 5 yes FIVE dogs. 4 Chihuahuas and one Shepard. and yes my hair is starting to go grey dealing with 5 dogs. We used to volunteer with a local rescue as a foster home, not the words USED TO. After numerous failed attempt to not get attached we have our large fur family, two teenage kids and one bald cat. We generally feed Acana which is a local Canadian high end food, but your posts on this food have interested me 🙂

  • Ann Lange

    2017/10/25 at 4:58 pm

    Loved seeing The Senator again! I have a 7-8 y/o pittie and a 4 y/o Plott Hound. The female Plott rules the house and has put the male pittie in the hospital 4 times. He starts fights but she finishes them!

  • Kim Heil

    2017/10/25 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks to you, my dog has been on CANIDAE for years and the house stopped smelling like DAWG right after she started eating it!

  • Rick

    2017/10/25 at 7:16 pm

    #ikethehikingscottie would love some quality dog food, not that fast food shit I give him from my lunch leftovers. Maybe if he has some real food his midnight turd run in my basement will not be as disgusting as it normally is.

  • Meg

    2017/10/25 at 9:27 pm

    The highest praise I can give Canidae is that my dog will choose it over treats/rawhides/etc. I’ve never known a dog to chose their food over their treats, ever.

    (The first dog I knew, the one who was my mom’s first baby, was named Coco and was a chaos machine who somehow turned into a gentle friend with kids.)

  • Rachael Faught

    2017/10/25 at 11:03 pm

    How time flies! I’ve been reading dooce since 2005 so I remember very well when you got Coco, and earlier in 2007 I had adopted two insane cats shortly after the death of my precious, perfect there-will-never-be-another like him cat. All of your Coco pains were felt deeply because I was simultaneously going through frustrations with these two neurotic cats. Cheers to 10 years of Coco and her beloved flock <3

  • L-3P0

    2017/10/25 at 11:51 pm

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Coco! Those wild puppies keep us young!

  • fairytate

    2017/10/26 at 10:27 am

    My 10 year old Boston Terrier is super anxious and I wonder if changing her food at all would help. She’s medicated and still hates to be alone. She also licks her front paws constantly as well as chews on/peddles on a fleece blanket, both nervous habits the vet says. We still love her though.

    Happy birthday Coco!!

  • Andrea Shipman

    2017/10/26 at 11:37 am

    I have an enormous pitt/lab mix named Mickey and when we first got him I thought OMG WE HAVE A COCO – which my husband totally didn’t understand. SO I had to show him posts and photos and videos b/c OBVIOUSLY everyone should know Coco. Except it’s been year and my dog has embraced the glory of napping all day and snoring so loudly that my husband has to put his conference calls on mute and yell DUDE only to have to mute again 10 mins later because a squirrel has DEIGNED to climb onto our deck and should therefore die a deafening death. Mickey isn’t a runner because we are his people and why would he run when he can sit at the top of the stairs and bark at cats/ squirrels/ cars/ wind at 3AM to protect us? So the love my people thing – that’s his Coconess. He lets my 3 y/o ride him like a horse – an indignity he suffers with hilarious facial expressions shot in our direction. He loves to go between our legs and stop so we can scratch his butt. He likes broccoli stalks and carrots but refuses celery. He can hear me opening a jar of ghee from a block away and appears at my side so he can lick the spoon. I’ve never been a dog owner but holy shit I love this dog like I love my child.

  • Jennifer M

    2017/10/26 at 11:51 am

    Based on your recommendations, I’ve also been feeding our dog, AJ, Candiae Under the Sun food and he loves it! Thank you so much!!

  • Shelly S

    2017/10/26 at 11:52 am

    My four month old puppy eats her own poop. But it’s okay, because she chases it with a roll of toilet paper.

  • housepea

    2017/10/26 at 12:52 pm

    I miss Chuck! What a great photo montage, though. Happy birthday Coco! You are a good girl.

  • Kellie Godwin

    2017/10/26 at 2:24 pm

    I just brought my 9.5 year old dog home from an overnight vet stay where he just had (very very expensive) ACL repair on his right knee. We have several weeks of very hard work ahead of us to get him back to his best self again. The whole way to the vet I was mentally wringing my hands in worry over the cost of the surgery, what happens if he blows it out again, the other one is already torn so we’re probably gonna have to do this again anyway… I mean I have 2 kids, but they’re not that smart, they hopefully won’t even get into college. I got there and they went over the incredibly overwhelming instructions for post-op therapy that I’ll be 100% responsible for and I immediately wanted to cry… or poop. But then they brought him in and yeah he was loopy and tired and limping, but he rested his fat little head on my foot and collapsed in a heap and sighed, and I couldn’t help it but I started crying like an idiot. Money schmoney, I’ve got 2 kidneys for a reason. Thanks for sharing Coco with us; she’s grown up with my Joey over the years and I’ve loved seeing it happen.

  • Lin Louie

    2017/10/26 at 3:10 pm

    Happy Birthday Coco!! We love our Forrest and Ginny!!!!!!!!!!!!

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