• http://sourmash.blogspot.com Sour Bob

    Are you going to send me an email, or am I going to have to tell these people which movie it was that was your first R-rated film ever? After which, since that was no good, you swore never to see another R-rated movie ever.

  • http://sourmash.blogspot.com Sour Bob

    Ah, fuck it. I’n not the type to narc you out for past geekishness. Cheers to you and nice talking with you.

  • http://www.turbanhead.com/blogger.html ME

    Wait! you liked Dan Quayle?

  • http://www.golf-blogger.blogspot.com Billy

    He was punishing you — withholding because of the trauma he has been subjected to.
    Sour Bob, dude, cool it, back off, man. I’m expecting the “I’ve come across time for you, Sarah” speech from The Terminator any minute now.

  • http://arielmeadow.com Ariel

    Dooce, one of my old high school classmates just found MY blog, too. See comments to this post. (Oh, and read the article if you want…you’re mentioned in it.)

  • http://arielmeadow.com Ariel

    Let me try that link again:

  • http://www.cuene.com jimcuene

    can I have some music recommendations please? Even if it’s dog-centric, dog-related, or reminiscent of dogs.

  • http://www.angelfire.com/ego/doyoureallyexist/ anne

    can your dog catch the treat in its mouth? mine cant. my dog is dumb. but she plays fetch and dances on two legs for food.

    keep the dog posts coming, they rule !

  • http://www.realityremixed.com Keith

    Manfred Mann was really singing, “Blinded by the light/Revved up like a dooce.”