• http://twelve02.com Tom-Thumb

    Heather, Heather, Heather! What are you doing? After all we have talked about, you are going to be moving back into slavery, I sympathize for you and Jon. On a lighter night, we will get to see more pics of your sister’s hair. Email me.


  • http://www.shanni.org Shanni

    My husband and I recently had to flee San Francisco and the insane cost of living there for the same reasons…I wanted a yard for my puppy and we want to have a kid eventually and those were not options in the bay area. Especially after enduring three dot com layoffs. My husband was talking about Utah for a while and I strongly resisted…I vowed to never go back. Now we live in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is cheap ($150,000 for a cute house) and no state tax! It’s not my favorite place to live (I desperatly miss SF) but hey…it beats Utah! Just something to think about.

  • http://www.shanni.org Shanni

    Hi, me again. I just thought of some more reasons to consider Vegas. Lots of celebs come here so one can still have celebrity sightings. Also…no snow! One would not have to get special tires or wake up early to scrape off one’s car windows and run the heat. Also…Vegas is 5.5 hours from Salt Lake and 4 hours from LA. Keep driving north and you can ski and camp…keep driving south and you can surf and shop! Yes, Vegas can be miserable in the summer but overall, it’s a decent place to live and it’s not halfway across the country like some of these people are suggesting. Did I already mention how cheap it is and that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US?

  • http://www.mood-indigo.net Rachel

    Utah is beautiful… think of all those lovely photo opportunities.

  • http://www.maryhammer.com mary

    I, too, am an x-mormon byu survivor who rocketed off to boston in order to escape mad mormoninity. Oddly enough, after a few years I began to miss the cheap rent, great Taco Bell service, tight knit alternative sub (VERY sub)culture & nearby canyons of Southern Utah. Every 2 weeks I consider moving back … So, I look forward to your Utah blogs, just to feed my nostalgia.

  • http://www.thumbtackjungle.com Dave

    Have you read the post about Giovanni Ribisi?
    s*&t like that doesn’t happen in Utah, oh no.

  • Bob Redford

    Oh yeah? Spend an hour in Park City in January.

  • http://www.thesafeword.com/daily/kerry.html Kerry

    I don’t care where you decide to live, as long as you promise to write all about it.

  • http://www.cyberdorks.com/drew/ drew

    do they even have the internet in utah?!?

  • http://limmert.blogspot.com Antonio Monkerro

    Hey, if you move to Utah, maybe you can catch some Olympic Bobsledding at Salt Lake! Whoo!……what? The Olympics are over? You mean they don’t have them every year in the same place? Stay in LA, Dooce….or invent a time machine.

  • tornligament


  • http://libbyo.diaryland.com Libbyo

    Well, you know, not even from the US orginally, but love Utah and your site here. But then again, i am one of those “brainwashed mormons” so what do I know? Good luck with the baby thing. We are doing that ourselves.

  • http://www.malville.com Mal

    Can’t say that I’m the best person for “talking out” but if you need someone on the other side to do apartment/house hunting for you, I can try to be of service. Anything I can do?

  • poop on a stick

    don’t please don’t…….
    my friend moved there and now he is a card carrying member of AA…
    he has been brainwashed…
    please please please don’t…..

  • http://mrshoefly.livejournal.com Shoefly

    Dooce, note this:
    Title 76, Chapter 5 of the Utah State Code says that Oral sex is illegal.

    Have you really weighed the consequences here?

  • stace

    spent a week in utah last spring (capital?/capitol? reef national park? is that the name of it?). it is the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen! had to drive a couple hours for a starbucks, however. northern utah seemed pretty civilized from what i saw. best of both worlds!

  • http://sx70.blogspot.com eggbert

    i just saw bowling for columbine, and i too am moving from los angeles, taking poor ingrid with me. we’ll probably end up in vancouver, where there is snowboarding in the winter and wonderful concrete skateparks in the summer, and i can fly home to see mom n pop back here in hell.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    oral sex may be illegal, but the Utah State Code says nothing about bukkake.

  • http://www.hurtstothink.com Bono

    Shlitz Malt Liquor is indeed, all that you can’t leave behind.

  • beezlebubba

    You gotta do what you gotta do. Hell-Ay ain’t no place for a baby or the cutest of dogs. And they have snow there, you’re right. And as for the dry counties, isn’t that what the internet is for? Ordering booze and coffee?

  • se

    My husband grew up in SLC as a non-Mormon, his brother converted to marry a “girl” in a temple wedding, we go back to visit and we’ve driven through Utah many times on our way to other places. Utah is a scary, hive-minded place in a lot of ways. I think it would be incredibly hard to resist the church’s influence living there. I think people tend to either be swayed by the church or reactionary to it–either way it’s influencing you. If you do move, at least you’ll still have Disney Land–what with the church’s efforts to make life seem like Disney Land. “Everybody smile now. Life is all happiness and light.” “Let’s make sure everything is *enlightening*!” You’ll still have the castle-thingy like Disney Land–ala The Temple. And you’ll still have Tinkerbell–the mormon version, Moroni. Sincerely, a Complete Stranger Saying Don’t Move.

  • http://www.geocities.com/evan7_99 slackjaw

    LA or Utah? These are the choices?

    I’m not sure I could lift my head off the pillow in the morning if that were the case…

    Does Utah really need more babies?

  • http://amindofamind.blogspot.com Naaman

    That sucks! Although, if there ever was something I missed now that I’m living in California, it’s seasonal changes!

  • se

    Now I can’t remember if the chorus I heard in my English classes was for enlightening or uplifting. As in, “Why are we reading _The Grapes of Wrath_, _All Quiet on the Western Front_, _A Separate Peace_, etc.? Why don’t we read something enlightening/uplifting?” I’m thinking it must be “uplifting”. Which ever, just make sure you smile.